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Playlist | Ben Howard at the Commodore Ballroom

Until Ben Howard played Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom last week, music photographer Braden Paul had “Never seen a ‘small’ venue go that crazy.”

The folksy London-based singer-songwriter just won a Mercury Prize, which honours the UK’s best albums of the year, for Every Kingdom.

Still, he remains as low-key as ever. “Real nice guy,” says Braden, who met him before the show when the artist was cruising around on his skateboard outside the venue. Not quite surfing, which he’s reluctantly known for, but it’s one way to work off pre-show energy.

So add Ben Howard to your playlist already, and include this remix of The Wolves by Little Dragon. It’s a pretty one.

[Photos by Braden Paul]

P.S. You’ll find all the concerts and festivals Braden has photographed for The Anthology riiiiiiiiiiight here.

Diary | Hanson and Data at the PNE

I must be part carny because there’s nothing I love more than going to the PNE (Vancouver’s exhibition and fair) at the end of every summer. What’s not to love? It’s the land of ferris wheels and ring tosses…

…deep-fried Oreos and $25 hot dogs (I’m not even exaggerating).

Oh, and also these guys. Who you probably recognize from 1997. Or maybe you don’t because Taylor and Zac Hanson are no longer in their tweens (nor is their eldest Hanson brother Ike) but they are as delightfully boy band-y as ever.

You want to know what was the trippiest part of going to the PNE this year? It wasn’t sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise at the Star Trek Exhibition (though I got a real kick out of that), it was hearing grown men sing “MMMBop.”

Thank you, Team PNE, for such a fun evening!

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Pinstagram | Flower Power, Poodles and Monarchs

The Anthology’s Pinstagram column brings together highlights from Kelsey Dundon’s Pinterest and Instagram feeds. In other words, the dream and the reality.

Flower power on my desk + a flower-powerful fashion editorial.

Bedazzled earrings from H&M + a bejeweled poodle.

Criss-crossed lights at Phantogram’s recent Vancouver show (love them!) + a criss-crossed dress.

An anchor befitting the navy (shot near Vancouver’s Waldorf Hotel) + a navy blue-clad monarch.

My summer reading (nerd alert! I’m currently working my way through Game of Thrones) + a summer reader.

Windswept trees on the side of the Sea to Sky Highway (en route to Whistler) + windswept hair.

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Playlist | Sasquatch Music and Arts Festival

Though their lineups often overlap (Bon Iver, The Shins, Beirut, Childish Gambino, tUnE-yArDs, etc.), Coachella and Sasquatch are very different festivals. They both take place on the west coast, yes. They both take place in deserts during the spring, sure. But Coachella is where celebrities are photographed in tabloid-friendly outfits.

Sasquatch, on the other hand, is where these folks are photographed by Vancouver-based music photographer Braden Paul. Like last year, he trekked to the Gorge (which, with its edge-of-a-cliff location, is the most beautiful outdoor venue in the world) and scouted some of the biggest characters. Boy, were there many to choose from.

But he didn’t just people-watch, Braden also artist-watched and these are a few of his highlights from this year’s Sasquatch…

The UK’s Ben Howard.

New York’s St. Vincent.

Deer Tick, who Braden also photographed during a recent show in Vancouver.

And…Deer Tick again.

Portland’s Wild Flag.

The UK’s Spiritualized.

Little Dragon, who I just love. Then again, I have a real thing for Swedish indie pop.

[Photos by Braden Paul]

P.S. You’ll find Braden’s highlights from last year’s Sasquatch Festival here, here and here.

P.P.S. You’ll find my photos from this year’s Coachella here.

Playlist | It’s a Sasquatch Kind of Weekend

This weekend, Vancouver-based photographer Braden Paul is at the gorgeous Gorge (sorry! couldn’t resist) shooting Sasquatch. Not, like, a real Sasquatch, but Sasquatch Music Festival. He went last year and his photos are out of this world: take a look here, here and here and stay tuned for this year’s highlights.

I will also be heading to Washington State, though I won’t be heading to the festival (sad face) instead, I’ll be listening to the likes of Santigold, Childish Gambino, tUnE-yArDs and SBTRKT on my iPod with my Urbanears headphones (pictured in Pattan Dark Grey c/o Urbanears).

Style | Coachella Festival Street Style

Wait. What?! You’re going to the second weekend of Coachella? Then this is me making a ugh-whatever-talk-to-the-hand face at you. How dare you not take me too?

K, now I’m over it. We can be besties again.

For all you weekend two-ers (and all of you who love looking at pretty people in the sunshine), here are a few of my favourite festival style shots from weekend one. They’ll answer your most burning question: What on earth to wear with a wristband?

Skirts and dresses with boots because a) it’s cute and b) it’s smart. How else are you supposed to keep your toes safe from that dude jumping up a storm in front of you?

Light, muted colours because all that black and grey you wear in the city has no place in the bright, shiny desert. (Peep the dude in the bottom left corner of this picture; you should def. bring him with you.)

A gigantic smile. Because you’re at Coachella for Pete’s sake.

Lipstick! Because no one can see your eye makeup behind those sunny G’s anyway.

And if the temperature starts to dip you’ll look very Coolchella in high-waisted jeans a la my favourite TV host (and one of my BFFs) Jessi Cruickshank.

And if it starts to really, really dip, you’ll be very Coldchella in an oversized men’s wool sweater, cords and boots. Could I possibly look any more un-California? I mean really. But it was hailing at one point so I had no choice but to bundle the heck up. (Stark contrast to my t-shirt-only looks of years past, huh?)

Lucky for all you weekend two-ers, it doesn’t look like you’ll have to worry about anything but the sun.

Oh, you were wondering what the trendsetting gents were wearing? Well, there’s really only one look that matters.

P.S. You’ll find more beautiful Coachella people and styles right here.

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Playlist | Coachella Weekend 1


The sunshine, the music.

The colours, the characters. It all brings me so much joy.

I went this weekend with friends from LA, Calgary and the Couv and man, was it fun. I skipped the first day — shameful, I know! But it was raining! And I spend enough time in the rain when I’m at home in Vancouver, thankyouverymuch, I didn’t want to brave it in the desert, even if it meant missing Wu Lyf, Other Lives, Explosions in the Sky and Neon Indian.

I made up for it on days two and three, though. The highlights? JusticeMiike Snow, At the Drive-In, The Weeknd, and of course…Snoop and Dr. Dre.

You know how you always laugh at those dudes who wear concert t-shirts to the concert? Yeah well, some shirts are too good not to.

Even if it means you have to make one yourself.

I’m jaded when it comes to rumours about people making an appearance via hologram (Terry Fox at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Games, anyone?) and people making surprise appearances at Coachella in general (Daft Punk for the last three years, anyone?). So when I heard Tupac was going to make a guest appearance as a hologram I blew it off and was excited about the Eminem rumours (I like him. Please don’t laugh).

I should have believed the hype. This video of a holographic Tupac performing with Snoop is insane, but it doesn’t compare to how cool it was to see that hologram “live” on stage. From my vantage point, which, granted, wasn’t particularly close to the stage, it looked eerily real. And it left me wondering — what did Snoop see when he looked at the holograph from the stage? A cloud of Tupac-shaped smoke?

I suppose I’ll never know. What I do know is that I really do love you, Coachella.

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Sound | Countdown to Coachella

We debated many things before we decided which Coachella weekend to attend. Would it be better to experience the shows first since the lineup is the same both weekends? Or would it be smarter to wait, read the reviews and see the all-stars during weekend two? It was a tough call.

The one thing we didn’t take into consideration? The weather. We assumed, what with Coachella taking place in a desert and all, that it would be stunningly beautiful both weekends. Like it was last year. And the year before that. That’s not what the Weather Network is now saying: for the first weekend — the one we opted to attend — they’re calling for cloudy skies, drizzle and a temperature I’d expect from my hometown Vancouver.

But weather report be damned. I’m packing for the sun. Like, scorching hot desert sun. My suitcase will be stuffed with bikinis courtesy of Simons (if you’ve been to Montreal and you’ve fallen in love with the place you’ll be happy to know they’re now on Facebook) and La Vie en Rose.

See, I won’t be camping — I’ll be staying on a golf course in a place with a pool and hot tub. And I’m crossing my fingers for the 40 degree heat I’ve come to expect from the desert.

Hence the SPF 45, the sweat-resistant Revlon Colourstay Eyeliner, and the Simple Eye Make-up Remover to take it off at night. And because I’m hoping it’ll be sandal weather instead of wellie weather I’m bringing pedicure-worthy Trout Pout by Butter London, courtesy of Nailpolish Canada, and Joe Fresh’s Bumbleberry.

Man, I hope I don’t have to bring my raincoat, too.

P.S. If you’re going to Coachella and you’re wondering what to bring, you’ll find a few of my festival packing tips riiiiiiiiiight here.

P.P.S. I’ll be Tweeting while I’m there so follow @TheAnthology on Twitter.

Linked | It’s a Bonspiel, Snap Your Style, Refashion and more…

The Anthology’s list of what’s new, what’s now and what’s next…

Speak easy. Panelists for the North Shore Writers Festival were just announced. I’m one of them (but you already knew that). See you there on April 21st!

Start sucking up. Sunny Shum of Partly Sunny and I are judging Sterling Shoe’s Snap Your Style Contest where you could win shoes for a year.

A whale of a tale. I talk orcas, pleats and a few of my favourite things with the lovely ladies of Shoppalu.

Put on your curling pants. It’s a Bonspiel supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and takes place in Vancouver Saturday, March 24th.

Reduce, reuse, Refashion. The April 21st event features barely worn clothes from some of Vancouver’s most stylish.

Bigfoot sightings. Sasquatch Festival keeps adding new artists to their lineup which features Feist (pictured above), Bon Iver, Jack White and a ton more. Are you going to the (gorgeous) Gorge?

Feeling lucky? We’ve got big giveaways coming up on The Anthology so keep your eyes peeled!

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