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Diary | Charmin’ Charlie Winston

Charlie Winston finished off his Canadian tour in Vancouver this weekend. While he drank tea (he’s English) and ate breakfast at 3:00 in the afternoon (he’s a rockstar), I bombarded him with questions about Beethoven, the Great White North and his perpetually half-undone tie.

Take a peek at my interview here.

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The Anthology’s list of what’s new, what’s now and what’s next…

Begging for it. Featuring vintage clothes and new pieces from the likes of Union Wood Co. and Red Flag Design, the monthly Beggars Banquet kicks off Friday, January 20th (6-11pm) and Saturday, January 21 (11am-6pm) in the former Boneta location at 1 West Cordova in Vancouver.

Jetset Style. Tablet Hotels has partnered up with ShopStyle and Oscar de la Renta for one very exciting New York Fashion Week experience that could be yours if you enter here.

Hella Coachella. Now that the lineup is out and tickets are on sale, the countdown to Coachella has officially begun. I’ll be there, dancing under the desert sun. Will you?

Wine and dine. Grab your friends and grab a seat. Dine Out Vancouver starts January 20th.

Jacked up. Vancouver designer Jacqueline Conoir is having a blow out sale January 18-21 and you’ll find all the details riiiiiiiiight here.

Plus, The Anthology has some brilliant collaborations coming up, including a dinner party invitation for ya. Details coming your way soon, my friends!

[Photo found here.]

Number 4 | The Anthology’s Ten Most Ridiculous Moments of 2011

As we count down The Anthology’s highlights of the past year we’re seeing a lot of ridiculous randomness (10. an invisible man, 9. the friendly Sasquatch, 8. psychedelic pants, 7. alpine picnic, 6. pompom-shaking, and 5. fashion passion). Which brings us to…

4. The sheer joy on this man’s face. There is one band that I would see every weekend if I could: !!! (Chk Chk Chk). Their dance parties are like nothing else and their short shorts-wearing frontman Nic Offer can hype a crowd like no other. So when I got to meet him I was thrilled. And he, judging by the look on his face, was over the moon at the chance to meet me. I mean, he can barely contain himself, he’s so giddy. That, my friends, is the effect I have on people.

P.S. You’ll really notice that effect when you add The Anthology on Facebook.

P.P.S. Braden Paul shot !!! (Chk Chk Chk) for The Anthology and his photos are ridiculously hilarious/amazing.

Number 9 | The Anthology’s Most Ridiculous Moments of 2011

At The Anthology I eschew the usual “best and worst” of the year in favour of the most ridiculous. We kicked off The Anthology’s ten most ridiculous moments of 2011 with an invisible man in a fur coat so that brings us to…

9. A not-so-invisible man in a fur jumpsuit. When photographer Braden Paul covered Sasquatch Festival for The Anthology this summer, he took some downright spectacular photos (one of which was runner-up in NME’s music photography awards). He also captured some of the ridiculous steeze of festival goers. In terms of fashion etiquette, this fur-clad gentleman’s bang-on, though. It’s only polite to show up to Sasquatch in Sasquatch after all.

Besides, have you ever seen a friendlier-looking Sasquatch? Trick question! I’ll bet you’ve never seen a Sasquatch before at all.

[Photo by Braden Paul]

P.S. Number 9 on last year’s list was remarkably stylish too.

P.P.S. Ridiculous-ize your Facebook page. Add The Anthology.

Playlist | We Are the City and Treelines at the Rio

It was one of the trickier shows Braden Paul has shot — there was no photo pit and the place was packed.

But he captured some up close and personal photos of We Are the City at the Rio last weekend.

Their indie rock sound is pretty, pretty, pretty so it’s no wonder the trio from Kelowna, BC won last year’s Peak Performance Project (and with it, a not-too-shabby prize of $150,000).

Listen to the atmospheric, sweetly sung “Mourning Song” and the piano-riffic “Get Happy” and you might just fall in love.

The show was opened by folksy Treelines.

Who sing about the snow and naming their children after their favourite hockey players.

So if the CBC Radio 3 t-shirt didn’t give it away — yes, they are Canadian.

[Photos by Braden Paul]

P.S. Go on tour with Braden — click your way through his photos of Death From Above 1979 at the Commodore, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) at Sasquatch, and Yukon Blonde at the Biltmore.

Sound | Death From Above 1979 at Commodore

Death From Above 1979 fans are…well, die hard. And Braden Paul is one of them.

With beer on his camera lens and rock ‘n roll in his soul, he captured these shots during one of two sold-out shows the Toronto-based duo played at the Commodore Ballroom this week.

DFA1979 shows are legendarily raucous (ask anyone who’s been). Though they disbanded in 2006, they reunited at Coachella this year amidst whirling rumours and rabid fans. Clearly they do not disappoint.

Insert joke about rising from the dead here.

[Photos by Braden Paul.]

P.S. Check out Braden’s photos of !!! (Chk Chk Chk),  Yukon BlondeDeer Tick, and Sasquatch!

Playlist | Bassnectar and Bonobo at PNE Forum

You know it’s a good show when photographer Braden Paul throws his neck out from dancing so hard.

And yet somehow manages to capture these photos too.

Genre-bending California-based DJ Bassnectar rocked the PNE Forum with his deep, dupstep-style beats this weekend. It was, to use Braden’s words, a “sweaty gongshow.”

One that was opened by British DJ/producer Bonobo, whose ambient tunes could easily be the soundtrack to your next dinner party or the soundtrack to your workday (I’m playing the album Black Sands as I type).

Just watch your neck.

[Photos by Braden Paul.]

P.S. Check out Braden’s photos of Yukon Blonde at the Biltmore,  Deer Tick at Rickshaw, and last summer’s Sasquatch Festival.

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The Anthology’s list of what’s new, what’s now and what’s next…

1. Dance party! Is it dub step, electronica, punk or all of the above? Who’s to say. One thing’s for sure — California’s Bassnectar will be performing at the PNE Forum on Friday, November 18th.

2. Veni, vidi, Versace. The Versace for H&M collection will be available this Saturday, November 19th at Pacific Centre in Vancouver, Toronto Eaton Centre, Bloor Street, Yorkdale Mall, and Downtown Montreal.

3. You may have driven over it, but have you ever flown under the Golden Gate Bridge? I took a helicopter tour for the Province and nearly left my lunch in San Francisco.

4. Look up. It seems the minute there’s word of a Death from Above 1979 show it sells out. The on-again off-again Toronto-based duo will be bringing their raucous show to the Commodore not once, but twice — Sunday, November 20 and Monday, November 21.

5. Boot Camp! Of the social media variety. If you nabbed a spot before it sold out, you’ll get to see me put on my professional face (see above) and speak alongside Liv Hung and Jon Becker this Saturday at SFU’s Social Media Boot Camp.

6. Shaken, not stirred. Vancouver’s Chambar’s new bar manager Jacob Sweetapple just unveiled a new cocktail list and you’ll find his not-so-secret recipe for a delicious winter punch right here.

Playlist | Hey Rosetta at the Commodore

By Erika Renfrew

I issue all of you (yes, even you!) a small challenge.  Stop and take a minute, put down whatever it is you’re doing and listen, really listen to some music.  One condition, it has to be Hey Rosetta!

No longer a Canadian secret, this Newfoundland-born band has been singing, strumming, drumming, violin-ing and even cello-ing their way across stages. Despite a definite indie-rock vibe, these six talented musicians have that extra special something; you can’t say what it is, but you know they have plenty of it.

Headphones don’t do them justice. Hey Rosetta! live at the Commodore Ballroom was beautiful, moving, happy and sad all at the same time. They are raw, honest and, to put it simply, make amazing music.

Oh, and have you heard of The Jezabels? I hadn’t, before seeing them open the show and woo the crowd. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be insulting; they left me at a loss for words (not right now, of course).

Ch-ch-ch-check it out! I dare you.

Sound | Yukon Blonde at the Biltmore

When Yukon Blonde head-banged their way across the Biltmore’s stage on Thursday, Braden Paul was there to capture the action.

Are these fair locks the inspiration behind the band’s name? I’m gonna go with yes. (And then you’re gonna want to fact-check that because I totally made that up.) Can you guess where they’re from? It ain’t the Yukon. I’ll give you a hint: the refrain for “Wind Blows” goes a little something like this: “Listen to the raindrops outside of my window, the treetops glistening with water running down them.”

Yes, my friends, they’re Vancouverites. And they were joined by fellow British Columbians Kingdom Cloud, a bandana-clad trio who sound like a synth-ier, happier Interpol.

And Mississauga’s energetic six-piece The Paint Movement. Her dress is amazing, non? Not unlike this photo, in fact.

[Photos by Braden Paul]

P.S. Check out Braden’s photos of Deer Tick and Guards at Rickshaw, his shots from last summer’s Sasquatch Festival, and his pics from my very favourite band to see live: Chk Chk Chk (!!!).