Number 7 | The Anthology’s Most Ridiculous Moments of 2011

There’s been a lot of high fashion on The Anthology’s ten most ridiculous moments of 2011 so far (check out the invisible, the Sasquatch-inspired and the MC Hammer-esque) which brings us to something that’s ridiculous not because of what I’m wearing (though for the record it’s Forma Athletic Gear) but because it’s…

7. The most ridiculous picnic spot ever. I can’t really describe how stunningly beautiful (and moderately terrifying) the British Columbia’s Bugaboo Mountains are. But I can tell you that the most ridiculously amazing experience I had this year was heli-hiking from a luxury lodge so remote it didn’t get cell service, but did have its own Swiss pastry chef. Alpine picnics beat sea-level picnics any day. And they’re especially thrilling when you’re keeping your eye out for grizzly bears. May I suggest you add it to your bucket list? Thanks again, Canadian Mountain Holidays!

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