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Ta da!

Even more fun than unflattering “before” shots are dogtastic “after” shots.


I shortened my vintage secretary dress (and by “I” I mean “my tailor”).


Wore it with a vintage jacket and Givenchy tights to a girlfriend’s baby shower (congratulations KJ!).


And it looks so gosh-darned great, I’d be taking too much credit if I said I had anything to do with it — my sister bought it for me and my tailor did all the hard work.


But my pup’s poor manners? Those I can take full credit for.

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Winter is here!

It snowed in Vancouver! (Shocking, I know.) Which means it’s finally time to bundle up in giant wooly things.


Like this poncho I found in a vintage shop. It’s the coziest thing I’ve ever put on. It’s hand-knit in Bolivia, a country I’d love, love, love to visit one day.


Could that be because its mountain-framed water reminds me a bit of home? (I love you, British Columbia!)


Judging by the animal shape woven into it, I’m going to venture a guess that it’s made of alpaca wool.


And while I may not have a pet alpaca…


I do have a pet German Shepherd Cross to get me through the snow days.

[Photo of Lake Titicaca found here. Photo of the Alpaca found here.]

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Went on a little road trip

to Steveston, which is — what would you guess — 20 minutes outside Vancouver?


And yet, it is an entirely different world.


You’ve been, right? Probably even eaten the fish ‘n chips at Pajos (if you haven’t yet, you’ve got to).


We walked for hours along the trails. And boy, did it feel good to stretch our legs.


And watch people fly kites.


Wore a thrifted sweater, which was hand knit, probably by someone’s very lovely grandmother.


And my acid washed cutoffs.


Weekends in the summer. I’m telling you — they’re the best things going. The week has only just begun and already I’m asking myself: where to go next?

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Let’s say you were going to the opera

And let’s say that opera was the Marriage of Figaro. What would you wear?


A wedding dress? Of course you would.


I found this beauty at a vintage shop and even though I’m already hitched I had to have it.


I’m getting it shortened so it will be more of a ballet length as opposed to an I’m-going-to-the-chapel length. (I’ll post the “after” shot along with the big reveal of my Hammer pants post-makeover.)


I’m guessing the dress is from the sixties. But the spookiest part about it? The initials sewn inside — they’re mine.

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Forget the best and worst of 2009

I present to you the Anthology’s top ten most ridiculous moments of 2009. Oh what a year it was.

10. Most ridiculous 12 seconds of fame — Dancing on stage. On national television. Thank you, MTV Canada.


9. Most ridiculous “before” shot — the mumu that one Anthology reader compared to a hospital gown.


8. Most ridiculous poorly behaved beast — my cuddly, four-legged vehicle of destruction. If I had shots of the holes he chewed in our walls, I’d include those too.


7. Most ridiculous matchy matchiness – me and my dad wear rad plaid. Is that really so bad?


6. Most ridiculous water safety violation — diving head first into the Mediterranean. Never mind the fact that the water was about six feet deep.


5. Most ridiculous concert — my favourite fantasy-themed electronic dance rock band the WZRDZ. And they’ll be playing more shows in Vancouver in 2010, friends!


4. Most ridiculous place to set my camera’s timer and take a self-photo – Queen Elizabeth Theatre’s foyer. Have I no shame?


3. Most ridiculous reason to be recognized — my eel skin purse. But I suppose that’s what I get for cropping my head out of every photo.

2. Most ridiculous display of obsession — did I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally need to write that many posts about Phoenix?


1. Most ridiculous puppy paws — the baby beast. Honestly Leroy. How did you walk with those things?


Here’s to an even more ridiculous 2010! Happy New Year!

Walking in the clouds

Well, more like hiking through the rain and fog on our trek up Mount Seymour Peak yesterday.


It was absolutely gorgeous in the eeriest way. As we scaled rocks and hugged cliffs near the third peak, we could barely see in front of us. It felt like something out of the Lord of the Rings.


There was no view, but I’m told on a sunny day you’d see all of Vancouver.


Though every one of us woke up sore (it was a lot of uphill and followed by a lot of downhill), I think the puppy might have had the best time of all.


When we got home all he did was look out the window. Breaks my heart.

If you’ve got a favourite hike in Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle, wherever, let me know — Leroy will thank you.

As he once was

It’s weird being in Turkey while this little beast is at home. It’s only been a few short months since he burst onto the scene and changed our (and our cats’) quiet, peaceful lives into exhausting, stressful ones. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m so thankful I took a bazillion photos like a really embarrassing parent. It lets me look back on his puppyhood:

First there was blurry Leroy.

Then came circular Leroy.

More recently he’s become asymmetrical Leroy.

And had the time of his life as snowy Leroy.

My doggy’s got style

A few weeks ago we got the pup a new look. Out went his sissy hand-me-down floral collar, in came his real man-dog collar.

flat rivet dog collar

It’s  b-b-b-bad to the bone.

rivet dog collar

But when I started thinking about it, I realized my own Michael Kors tank top had similar flat rivets.

marc jacobs tank top

I know dogs and their owners are supposed to look alike.

marc jacobs tank rivet

But dress alike?

Typically when we go for a walk

I wear my bright red Queen’s sweatpants from the year 2000 (best gift ever, Laura, Anji and KJ).

walking Leroy

But when we go in the morning, my walk wear is work wear.

broach necklace

The pendant was my mom’s brooch from the sixties, which means it can fasten to tube tops and jumpsuits too. 


The skirt’s vintage — it’s made of really thick felt, but what I love most about it is its wacky and wonderful colour.