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More shoots and shenanigans

Love going for brunch with my girlfriends. Do it every chance I get (speaking of, what are you guys doing on Saturday?).


Last weekend, we went to Bridges on Granville Island (where I used to tend bar) which wouldn’t be unusual except that we went with MTV, thanks to my friend and favourite MTV host Jessi Cruickshank who was in town shooting a Jessi-comes-home-to-see-her-friends-and-family-then-goes-to-Tofino-and-learns-to-surf special.


She found her dress (love the print) in Toronto.


While everyone else wore summery clothes, I was buttoned up in my plaid LAMB jacket to protect my fair, fair skin from the bright, bright sun.


Laura’s dress is one she and her mom designed. And made.


The whole thing was captured on film by MTV’s Jason who shot more than 13 hours of film over the weekend. Which means between that and our night at the Roxy, I’m placing my screen time at five seconds. Plus or minus three.

Style for thought

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe — alive or otherwise, fictional or not — whose would it be? My friend Briony would chose the Queen of England.


For two reasons: one, she figures she’d still have all her clothes from the past eight decades; and two, she wouldn’t mind having the crown jewels.


I’m having trouble picking one person’s. I’d love my sister’s wardrobe, and all my girlfriends’ too. 


Briony made her necklace by stringing antique keys and a pendant on a piece of leather. So simple, so cute.


Her bag is vintage.


Think about it. If you could pick anyone’s wardrobe whose would you chose? Jacqueline Kennedy’s? Jane Aldridge’s? Carine Roitfeld’s?

I want my MTV (Canada)

Typically I’m out cold by 9:59 on a Thursday night (I have a gran-tastic bedtime). But this week, I downed an espresso and went to the Roxy(!) where one of my best friends (and favourite MTV host) Jessi Cruickshank was doing a shoot for MTV’s After Show.


We spent the night giggling about our friend Briony’s recent engagement (yaaaay!), getting denied by the band (turns out they don’t play Backstreet Boys) and trying to look natural while dancing on stage (to Emin-freaking-em).


Best dressed that night had to be Laura in her thrifted Moschino boustier, which Anji found for her in San Francisco.


No Mom, I don’t yet know when it will air, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know.

Update: If you’re in Canada you can watch it on You won’t want to miss our in-depth discussion about Twitter.

Mixing and matching the mismatched

Take two bright, bold vintage pieces, add them together and what do you get?


An outfit fit for a BBQ.


The blouse is a silk vintage Ralph Lauren number (as if the golf buttons weren’t enough, it used to have shoulder pads before I took a pair of scissors to them).


All that red and all that gold — there’s nothing subtle about it. 


What could be more fun than tacky on top of tacky?

Wore this sweater to brunch

Spent forever on my friend’s sunny patio. And now I have the most wicked forearm tan.


Love that this sweater is sparkly gold (and glitters like a disco ball when it catches the light).


It’s straight out of the eighties (hard to believe, I know).


The belt is the one I wore on the Style Spy.


My favourite part of the sweater isn’t the razzle-dazzle glitter, though. It’s the batwing sleeves. How can you not want to flap your arms wildly in something like this?

Baby sister week continues (she hates when I call her that)

When she’s not wearing custom-made dresses and vintage pieces, my sister Larissa is mixing menswear with accessories from everywhere.

men's plaid RL shirt

So comfy, cozy and casual, and so much more interesting than a t-shirt and jeans.


Her hat’s from Bondi Beach, Australia.


She’s wearing a men’s Polo Ralph Lauren shirt.


Her sandals were custom made in Hoi An, Vietnam, where she also had her Indian teal dress and leather boots made.


Leroy’s a fan. Clearly.


Go! Canucks! Go!

They say you shouldn’t mess with success.

vancouver-canucks-old-logo1So for all four rounds (and there will be four rounds) that the Canucks play in the playoffs, I’m going to post an outfit that incorporates my husband’s t-shirt.


This one, with my new favourite shorts (don’t let the acid wash fool you, they’re brand new).


You can find the first outfit here.


Now let me hear you: Go! Canucks! Go!

“You cannot post that”

Says my husband, “It looks… You look…”


“You just can’t.”


Well, I had to. Because it’s my favourite “before” (my purple striped dress is a close second).


I’m getting it altered and I’ll post the “after” shot in a week or so. But tell me, does it or does it not look exactly like what your Great Aunt Helga wears to bed?

I give myself a lot of flack

for my lack of DIY skills. But truth is, I wear the tool belt in my family. I can install curtain rods (shower and otherwise) and hang photos like a mofo (see exhibit a).

writing desk

But I’m especially proud of my new desk. I made it using a butcher’s block my ma shipped here from Michigan and table legs I bought at Ikea.


Rocket surgery it was not. But still…

Typically when we go for a walk

I wear my bright red Queen’s sweatpants from the year 2000 (best gift ever, Laura, Anji and KJ).

walking Leroy

But when we go in the morning, my walk wear is work wear.

broach necklace

The pendant was my mom’s brooch from the sixties, which means it can fasten to tube tops and jumpsuits too. 


The skirt’s vintage — it’s made of really thick felt, but what I love most about it is its wacky and wonderful colour.