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Of Love and Hate

A hilarious guest post from my friend Anji.

As far as my boyfriend’s interests go, “fashion” falls somewhere between midwifery and Josh Groban’s favourite flavour of ice cream.  For him, “le smoking” is just fancy for pulmonary carcinoma and Yves is a saint who makes hotdogs and hand cream.

As such, my “sartorial wit” is often lost on him.  Here are some recent purchases which he found to be particularly odious/grounds for committal.


Dolce & Gabbana harem pants.



High-waisted thrifted jean cut-offs.


And a belt from San Francisco.

I think every single piece looks amazing. Thanks again Anji! Want to contribute a guest post? Send me a note at

I had to wrestle with my tailor

But finally she agreed to hem this dress to the length I want. It fell below the knee before and it made it look like something you’d wear to the laundromat. Now? Not so much.


My tailor disapproves of anything higher than just above the knee. We go through the same song and dance every. single. time.

Take a look at the sneak peek.


Wore the dress to dinner (happy birthday ma-in-law!) with my ma’s bag, which feels so summery, so vacationy. I just might have to bring it to Turkey with me (on Wednesday!).

Getting ziggy with it

Love the zig-zaggy pattern of this vintage skirt.


Wore it with my new shbooties.


My Wonder Woman cuffs and my ma’s bag from who knows where (or when).


I’ve always thought long skirts work. Especially for work. And when they’re this wacky and wonderful? You can’t go wrong.

Ahhh perspective.

It makes my baby beast look like a gigantic beast (pretty good shot of his lazy ear, though, don’tcha think?).


I don’t wear too many hemlines that fall below the knee, but I think there’s something nice about a long strapless dress so I didn’t have this vintage piece hemmed.


My sister made the green bracelet, I bought the zig-zaggy one on the street in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


My sister also gave me this thrifted necklace for Christmas along with a gift certificate to Value Village (half joke, half perfect present).


And I’ve still got her boots. Neener neener neener.

(On a side note, I love the light in this part of my backyard in the morning. The sun shines from the east and reflects off my neighbour’s window to the west and creates this beautifully artificial look.)

My most daring before shot yet

Normally my before shots look like this or this and someone else turns them into magical after shots (I’m not much of a do-it-myselfer). But this before shot is a little different, and I’m not going to lie to you, a little terrifying.


Using leather, chains and charms from Country Beads I’m going to attempt to make a pirate-themed bracelet. And I really, really hope it turns out.

Playing tourist in my pretty city

I’ve heard many Vancouverites say they love coming home after traveling because this little city is so pretty. Though I prefer Departures to Arrivals, I do see the appeal.


Of all the tourist destinations in Vancouver, Granville Island has to be my favourite. I practically grew up there — taking dance lessons, playing in the water park, and more recently: eating.


The other day we went to Go Fish, a tiny little Fish and Chips shack that’s so out of the way, my Ma has never even managed to find it (it’s on the False Creek seawall across from Granville Island).


While I took photos like an out-of-towner, a very nice man gave my husband advice on what to order (the cod).


It’s the perfect spot to dangle your feet over the edge of the seawall with a basket of fresh fish and chips in your lap. Like you’re on vacation.

Give them the bold shoulder

The power suit was aptly named. Big, bold shoulders mean business.


This jacket reminds me a bit of the one Rachel wore in Blade Runner.


The t-shirt is from Vincent Park on Main Street in Vancouver.


The boots are kind of my favourite ever. Take a look at the detail shots here.


But seriously, while I usually take the shoulder pads out of my dresses and blouses (how can you tell I buy a lot of 80s wear?), I’ve never taken them out of a jacket. They add so much structure. And a certain don’t-mess-with-me-ness.

Sometimes menswear and vintage clothes

Combine to make something entirely girly and modern.


The tank top is from man land (well, the men’s department of H&M).


And the leather skirt is vintage. How much do you love the chevron pattern?


The boots are my sister’s and as soon as she sees this post she’s going to demand them back. Aren’t you, Riss?


The shortest necklace is made of leather — I bought it from an artist’s kiosk in the centre of Barcelona’s shopping district. Which is also (I just realized) where I bought the print in the top left corner.

With different shoes

This could be the type of thing you’d wear sailing.


But with these bad boys I’d never get my sea legs.


Don’t you think heels make boyfriend jeans much more ladylike?


Around my wrist I wrapped a necklace I made using trade silver beads.


Feels very summery to me. And perfect for drinks on a dock.