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Playlist | We Are the City and Treelines at the Rio

It was one of the trickier shows Braden Paul has shot — there was no photo pit and the place was packed.

But he captured some up close and personal photos of We Are the City at the Rio last weekend.

Their indie rock sound is pretty, pretty, pretty so it’s no wonder the trio from Kelowna, BC won last year’s Peak Performance Project (and with it, a not-too-shabby prize of $150,000).

Listen to the atmospheric, sweetly sung “Mourning Song” and the piano-riffic “Get Happy” and you might just fall in love.

The show was opened by folksy Treelines.

Who sing about the snow and naming their children after their favourite hockey players.

So if the CBC Radio 3 t-shirt didn’t give it away — yes, they are Canadian.

[Photos by Braden Paul]

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Sound | Death From Above 1979 at Commodore

Death From Above 1979 fans are…well, die hard. And Braden Paul is one of them.

With beer on his camera lens and rock ‘n roll in his soul, he captured these shots during one of two sold-out shows the Toronto-based duo played at the Commodore Ballroom this week.

DFA1979 shows are legendarily raucous (ask anyone who’s been). Though they disbanded in 2006, they reunited at Coachella this year amidst whirling rumours and rabid fans. Clearly they do not disappoint.

Insert joke about rising from the dead here.

[Photos by Braden Paul.]

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Playlist | Bassnectar and Bonobo at PNE Forum

You know it’s a good show when photographer Braden Paul throws his neck out from dancing so hard.

And yet somehow manages to capture these photos too.

Genre-bending California-based DJ Bassnectar rocked the PNE Forum with his deep, dupstep-style beats this weekend. It was, to use Braden’s words, a “sweaty gongshow.”

One that was opened by British DJ/producer Bonobo, whose ambient tunes could easily be the soundtrack to your next dinner party or the soundtrack to your workday (I’m playing the album Black Sands as I type).

Just watch your neck.

[Photos by Braden Paul.]

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Sound | Yukon Blonde at the Biltmore

When Yukon Blonde head-banged their way across the Biltmore’s stage on Thursday, Braden Paul was there to capture the action.

Are these fair locks the inspiration behind the band’s name? I’m gonna go with yes. (And then you’re gonna want to fact-check that because I totally made that up.) Can you guess where they’re from? It ain’t the Yukon. I’ll give you a hint: the refrain for “Wind Blows” goes a little something like this: “Listen to the raindrops outside of my window, the treetops glistening with water running down them.”

Yes, my friends, they’re Vancouverites. And they were joined by fellow British Columbians Kingdom Cloud, a bandana-clad trio who sound like a synth-ier, happier Interpol.

And Mississauga’s energetic six-piece The Paint Movement. Her dress is amazing, non? Not unlike this photo, in fact.

[Photos by Braden Paul]

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Playlist | Deer Tick and Guards at Rickshaw

Deer Tick’s shows are famously raucous.

Or, as photographer Braden Paul, put it, “Absolutely nutty.” He was at Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre last night to capture the Providence-based band’s blood, sweat and tears.

But mostly the blood. (That’s apparently what happens when you beat up your guitar.) It’s funny, because when you listen to Deer Tick’s albums, you might not picture a show like that coming from a band that sounds like they do — upbeat indie rock laced with a bit of country twang.

But that’s the beauty of live music, amirite? Speaking of beauty — you can download a free EP from openers Guards, which is filled with all sorts of gritty, Sixties-inspired tunes, right here.

[Photos by Braden Paul.]

Say hello to…

Erika Renfrew! Writer, fashion marketing student, and now, intern at The Anthology and Northill.


Erika’s still in school, but she’s got her heart set firmly on the communications industry, and not just any part of the communications industry, but the fashion marketing and writing part. Which makes her a perfect fit and I am so very thrilled to have her as part of the team.

The Victorian-turned-Vancouverite loves dance, music, art, and almost everything creative and cultural. Oh, and also, daydreaming about travel, drinking coffee and doing crosswords.

She joins Liv Hung as part of the Northill team and photographer Braden Paul and writer/actress Katie Burnett as contributors to The Anthology.

So when you see Erika at events, covering shows and/or doing research for Northill’s clients, say hello to her, will ya?

Welcome aboard, Erika!

Playlist | Kid Cudi at Deer Lake Park

Call it mellow.


Kid Cudi plays sit-outside-on-a-summer-evening kind of music. And there are few spots in the city better suited to do that than Deer Lake Park.


So in the um, pursuit of happiness, Vancouver-based photographer Braden Paul headed to the show to photograph Kid Cudi for The Anthology.


And his shots make me wish I were there.

[Photos by Braden Paul.]

P.S. You’ll find more Deer Lake Park events (Black Keys!) here and details on the annual Symphony in the Park here.

P.P.S. Take a look at Braden Paul’s shots from Sasquatch Festival — the artists, the style, and the love of my life.

I’ve never been to a !!! (Chk Chk Chk) concert I didn’t like

And thanks to these photos, I’ve never not been to a !!! (Chk Chk Chk) concert I didn’t like. Vancouver-based photographer Braden Paul captured Sasquatch for The Anthology and guess which band he had a heckuva good time shooting?


That’s right: my very favourite New York-based dance punk band.


!!! (Chk Chk Chk) puts on the best show. Every. Single. Time. (Even at 2:30 in the afternoon under Coachella‘s sweltering desert sun.)


So, uh, Nic Offer, this photo got me wondering: is that a microphone in your pocket or are you just thinking about that time we met? Oh. Wait. Nope. That’s definitely a microphone.


Go! Canucks! Go!

[Photos by Braden Paul.]

Sasquatch Steeze

When Vancouver-based photographer Braden Paul shot Sasquatch for The Anthology, he didn’t just capture the artists. He also captured some of the most artistic (and stylish) festival-goers…


You wouldn’t show up to a Gucci event in anything but Gucci, would you?


Fringe? Freckles? Adorbs.


PBR. Respect.


Cat suit + fanny pack = vintage done right


A fine example of mixing and matching prints.


Ever since the Royal Wedding, hats have been huge.


This photo pretty much sums up music festivals: you get all gussied up in your pretty dress and end up drinking beside a garbage can.

Don’t touch that dial, friends, there are more festival fotos to come!

[Photos by Mr. Braden Paul.]

Sasquatch Sightings

Last weekend, Vancouver photographer Braden Paul trekked to Eastern Washington to cover the 10th annual Sasquatch Festival for The Anthology. And boy, are his up-close-and-personal photos beautiful. After four days and countless bands in the world’s most beautiful venue (have you been to the Gorge?!) these are a few of the highlights…


The electrifying (and glittery) Sleigh Bells.


The beautiful, badass Robyn.


One of my very favourites: the New York-based, world-influenced Yeasayer.


Atlanta’s indie darlings Deerhunter.


Canada’s own K-OS.


And Major Lazer‘s hyper hype man, who will soon be performing the not-quite-suitable-for-work set at Live at Squamish.

Stay tuned, friends, there are more Sasquatch highlights to come and you better believe they include this man.

[Photos by Sir Braden Paul.]