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Maybe you’ve been heavily debating Instagram stories vs Snapchat. Or maybe you left that debate in the dust long ago like I did. Because the minute Giovanna Engelbert started posting Instagram stories as often as you check Facebook, there was never any doubt in my mind that story content doesn’t get better than this. (Unless you count Liz Plank’s Snapchat content but she’s covering the election.)


Giovanna’s fashion show stories are nice and all, but it’s the stories she posts when she’s goofing around with her sister and friends that give you a sense of her personality, her creativity. She’s engaging because her jet-set life is impossibly glamourous, yes, but also because she doesn’t take herself seriously.


Plus, she always seems to be on a boat. So follow @bat_gio already. And follow @KelseyDundon while you’re at it.

[Images from @bat_gio on Instagram.]

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