The A-list | Long weekend

In The Anthology’s A-list column (“A” stands for Anthology, in case you haven’t had your coffee yet) we tabulate a few of the very best things in life.


Let’s count down the ten most fun, relaxing things to do on a lazy long weekend. It’s (eep!) the last one of summer, so let’s make the most of it…

10. Spend the whole day by the water. Oceanside, lakeside, bird bath-side — it doesn’t matter.

9. Go for a bike ride and see if you can balance your friend on your handlebars like you could when you were 12.

8. Host an al fresco dinner party.

7. Unplug your TV.

6. Gather all your friends for happy hour.

5. Pick up a book. And actually read it.

4. Play a board game. Or a garden game (bocce, anyone?). As long as it requires neither wires nor an outlet, I’m game.

3. Set sail on a boat. A BC Ferry counts.

2. Challenge your friends to a corn-on-the-cob-eating contest. (I’d beat all of you combined.)

1. Throw a dance party under the stars.

[Photo by Andrew Dalik, courtesy of Toronto-based director Philip Lyall.]

What’s your very favourite thing to do on a long weekend — sleep until noon? Stay out until sunrise? Do tell!

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