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Have absolutely no idea

when or where I’m going to wear these, but how on earth could I pass up purple sequined harem pants?


I couldn’t, obviously.


They will be one of those pieces that will sit (and sit) in my closet until one day (Halloween, perhaps?) I find the perfect reason to wear them.

Anyone else suddenly have “U Can’t Touch This” stuck in your head?

Give them the bold shoulder

The power suit was aptly named. Big, bold shoulders mean business.


This jacket reminds me a bit of the one Rachel wore in Blade Runner.


The t-shirt is from Vincent Park on Main Street in Vancouver.


The boots are kind of my favourite ever. Take a look at the detail shots here.


But seriously, while I usually take the shoulder pads out of my dresses and blouses (how can you tell I buy a lot of 80s wear?), I’ve never taken them out of a jacket. They add so much structure. And a certain don’t-mess-with-me-ness.

Sometimes menswear and vintage clothes

Combine to make something entirely girly and modern.


The tank top is from man land (well, the men’s department of H&M).


And the leather skirt is vintage. How much do you love the chevron pattern?


The boots are my sister’s and as soon as she sees this post she’s going to demand them back. Aren’t you, Riss?


The shortest necklace is made of leather — I bought it from an artist’s kiosk in the centre of Barcelona’s shopping district. Which is also (I just realized) where I bought the print in the top left corner.

With different shoes

This could be the type of thing you’d wear sailing.


But with these bad boys I’d never get my sea legs.


Don’t you think heels make boyfriend jeans much more ladylike?


Around my wrist I wrapped a necklace I made using trade silver beads.


Feels very summery to me. And perfect for drinks on a dock.

My friends are do-it-themselfers

Sonja, for example, modified these earrings by putting beads and bells on loops.

beaded-earring-detailThen putting the loops on hoops.


For just the right amount of razzle dazzle. Speaking of Sonja’s razzly dazzly jewelry, take a look at her rings.


I think you (not me) could take this loopy idea and use it to make a really pretty bracelet. Maybe stringing the loops on a thin strip of leather and then wrapping the leather around your wrist a few times? Just a thought.

More shoots and shenanigans

Love going for brunch with my girlfriends. Do it every chance I get (speaking of, what are you guys doing on Saturday?).


Last weekend, we went to Bridges on Granville Island (where I used to tend bar) which wouldn’t be unusual except that we went with MTV, thanks to my friend and favourite MTV host Jessi Cruickshank who was in town shooting a Jessi-comes-home-to-see-her-friends-and-family-then-goes-to-Tofino-and-learns-to-surf special.


She found her dress (love the print) in Toronto.


While everyone else wore summery clothes, I was buttoned up in my plaid LAMB jacket to protect my fair, fair skin from the bright, bright sun.


Laura’s dress is one she and her mom designed. And made.


The whole thing was captured on film by MTV’s Jason who shot more than 13 hours of film over the weekend. Which means between that and our night at the Roxy, I’m placing my screen time at five seconds. Plus or minus three.

Style for thought

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe — alive or otherwise, fictional or not — whose would it be? My friend Briony would chose the Queen of England.


For two reasons: one, she figures she’d still have all her clothes from the past eight decades; and two, she wouldn’t mind having the crown jewels.


I’m having trouble picking one person’s. I’d love my sister’s wardrobe, and all my girlfriends’ too. 


Briony made her necklace by stringing antique keys and a pendant on a piece of leather. So simple, so cute.


Her bag is vintage.


Think about it. If you could pick anyone’s wardrobe whose would you chose? Jacqueline Kennedy’s? Jane Aldridge’s? Carine Roitfeld’s?

One woman’s scrap is another woman’s skirt

Last week I went to see the WZRDZ at Lucky Bar in Victoria. Their drummer is my baby brother (the student and sometimes model) so my sister and I rocked wizard capes (obviously), but these two wore something just as magical.


Kim and Megan crafted their ensembles from the same vintage dress. They found the original piece at the Patch in Victoria, then shortened it to create a dress and used the leftover pieces to sew a skirt.


My scraps usually get scrapped, but this is sheer genius. 


I plan to steal their idea. Isn’t it just brilliant?