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Come into my (Haute) World

Haute Shopper, who writes the must-read blog Haute World, is from Paris (France!) where she sometimes window shops and sometimes shop shops. She was kind enough to contribute this guest post about a Canadian in Paris (oh how I wish that were me.)

Even before I moved to Paris, previous travels to this fine city revealed one thing: the Champs-Elysées, as famous and grand as it may be, is a huge tourist trap and not really the best place for shopping – unless you’re a Louis Vuitton fan or feel like visiting yet another GAP store.
There is one big exception though: France’s favorite Canadian designer Tara Jarmon has a two-storey flagship here. It’s not flashy from the outside, but once inside, you’re greeted by a clean decor which shows off her wonderful range of colorful clothes and accessories.
Even though Tara Jarmon is very much a Parisian label, I thought this would be the perfect store to profile for Kelsey’s blog, considering the designer is a Vancouver native who still has fond memories of the cherry blossoms on Marine Drive.
Her clothes are classic, chic, colorful and sexy, but according to Tara herself, never provocative, allowing every piece to become a timeless item in your wardrobe.
You might have a hard time finding a local Parisian on Champs-Elysées, but once inside the store I quickly realized that almost all shoppers were local… always a good sign.
The ground floor is full of cute summery dresses, breezy casual tops and tailored classics such as blazers and trench coats. There was also a nice range of bright flowery totes, as well as sandals and scarves.
The lower level had more such items but also an entire corner dedicated to more formal and glamorous evening gowns and dresses. Whether you’re looking for something in strong jewel tones (my personal favorite), soft pastels or muted neutrals, you’re sure to find something to suit any taste.
The items are never boring… most pieces are embroidered, beaded or feature wonderful details in tailoring or draping.
If you’re not going to Paris anytime soon, Tara’s clothes are also available via But if you’re ever in town, I’d recommend paying a visit to 73 Avenue des Champs-Elysées or any of the other Tara Jarmon flagships. You might just end up with the perfect Paris souvenir.

Want to write a guest post? (Yes! I’ve been waiting for you to say that!) Send me a note at Thanks again Haute Shopper

If a pair of boots and a pair of sandals had a love child

that offspring would be my brand new footwear.


Just got these cut-out Loita boots today and I cannot wait to wear them.


With a summer dress, they’d be perfect for work.


My giant loopy necklace is from Barcelona (where I was this time last year) and the shorter one is from Vienna (where I wish I were right now).

But back to more important things, how would you wear cut-out boots? Would you wear them with jeans?

I’m going to go against everything I believe in

and insist that my sis keep this vintage dress exactly as it is.


She picked it up on her travels with the intention of shortening it. But frolicking in fields isn’t the same in a short dress. And this is a frolicking kind of dress. 


She thinks it will just sit in her closet if she leaves it long. But I think in ten years when she finds that perfect event to wear it to, she’ll be happy she kept it floor-length.


There has been speculation that this was actually a bridesmaid’s dress in its day (the brooch is her own).


What do you think? Do you vote to keep it long and risk rarely wearing it? Or do you vote to cut it short so it’s more wearable?

I waited four months

For my baby sister Larissa to come back from her travels in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Silk dress custom Vietnam

And what did she come back with? A suitcase full of vintage clothes (more on that later), custom clothes and magnets (love souvenirs).


She had this dress custom made in Hoi An, Vietnam. The bottom part is made of Vietnamese silk in a colour I once heard described as Indian teal.

custom boots Vietnam

She also had her boots custom made in the same city. Leather and lovely.

Kiev bangles

Her red bangle is from an entirely different part of the world. She got it in Kyiv, Ukraine (this gal has been to 28 countries — 29 if you count Vatican City).

A custom-made silk dress and piles of bangles are beautiful. But when they remind you of your adventures? Doesn’t get any better than that.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Go! Canucks! Go!

They say you shouldn’t mess with success.

vancouver-canucks-old-logo1So for all four rounds (and there will be four rounds) that the Canucks play in the playoffs, I’m going to post an outfit that incorporates my husband’s t-shirt.


This one, with my new favourite shorts (don’t let the acid wash fool you, they’re brand new).


You can find the first outfit here.


Now let me hear you: Go! Canucks! Go!

My doggy’s got style

A few weeks ago we got the pup a new look. Out went his sissy hand-me-down floral collar, in came his real man-dog collar.

flat rivet dog collar

It’s  b-b-b-bad to the bone.

rivet dog collar

But when I started thinking about it, I realized my own Michael Kors tank top had similar flat rivets.

marc jacobs tank top

I know dogs and their owners are supposed to look alike.

marc jacobs tank rivet

But dress alike?

Afters are the best

And now that spring’s (finally) here a sun dress “after” shot seems about right.

vintage sun dress

Took me a while to figure out if I’d chop this bad boy or not (why did I ever hesitate?).

gold necklaces

Even when it was longer, it screamed “music festival” to me. Now, I think it’d be pretty perfect for my trip to Turkey too.