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You might know Alice Ko from her fashion blog Koko Stiletto, but soon you’ll know her from the on-the-verge-of-launching shopping site Wantering, a Vancouver-based startup that harnesses the social web (think blogs and social media) to help wanterers discover clothes and accessories tailored to their personal style.

In her own words she takes us through her workspace, taxicabs, stilettos, and all…

I moved back to Vancouver seven months ago from NYC and only recently unpacked everything, and settled into my new place downtown…and actually created a workspace for myself! I only came back with seven suitcases but I forget how much you can actually fit into those things with wheels…

1. I am always eating while checking emails and writing. ALWAYS. Food gives me energy and new ideas :) Today I behaved and had a fresh strawberries. Regular items that may make an appearance include: chocolate covered berries, Trader Joes mix, ice cream from Cadeaux Bakery –basically anything that would make the dentist squirm.

2. I hadn’t purchase any Apple products until recently. I seriously do not know how I functioned without an iPhone or Mac before.  I would love to get in my time machine and see how much my life would have changed if I had first purchased these products a looooong time ago. To anybody considering getting an Apple product – just DO IT! This may sound dramatic, but your life will thank you!

3. I love the whimsical design of the vase. Gives me a “mad hatter” kind of feeling. The mask is from one of my good girlfriend’s stagette (which was actually also my first time in Vegas) and since I attend so many masquerade balls I have to keep that mask around. The fake daffodils are from my grandma — I love yellow.

4. The best part about my workspace (and my apartment) are the beautiful views of downtown Vancouver, the North Shore, and of course, the water. I don’t even need a TV — I could just stare out my windows all day. I love working during both day and night time …. but if I have to choose, I’ll always have a soft spot for night time city views. During some evenings, I’ll look out the window and I feel so peaceful and surreal.  Although I admit sometimes at night I pretend I am back in NYC – with all the city lights gleaming in, it’s easy.

5. I went to SO many sample sales in NY…I must have gone to at least six Betsey Johnson ones.  I bought so many shoes I had to use US Post and separately ship empty shoe boxes back to Vancouver. So here’s my attempt to use all my shoe boxes in a practical manner. And I’m still really into the neon trend right now… so I’m dragging this trend out as loooong as possible!

6. I will be lifelong bookworm. This is the only area where I am old-fashioned — I still love holding a tangible book in my hand. I started using Audible when I came back but I still cherish hard and soft covers.
The Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres: Visiting the Dali museum in Spain changed my life, and so his book is always on the top of my stack :)
The City Out My Window: Picture book of views from different NYC windows
The Fire Starter Sessions: Danielle LaPorte is a motivational wizard. She had a book signing at Chapters and I was absolutely enchanted by her charisma and pure joy about life.
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Louis Vuitton recently did a collaboration with Yayoi Kusama (all the polka dot bags!) and her art is currently on exhibit at the Whitney Museum. My old co-workers sent me this – so sweet.

7. I won the raffle prize at the Vancouver Gay Men’s Chorus Spring Recital and this stiletto wine holder was a part of the prize. I’m very particular about my stilettos, and I only own one pair of flats.  Side note – VGMC is amazing, check them out!!!

8. Magazine subscriptions are super cheap in the US ($5-$10 for annual subscriptions to almost everything). When I moved back, I transferred all my American subscriptions to my Canadian address. I love reading Fast CompanyInc, and Time Out New York, to keep up new innovations, ideas and what’s going on in my old hood (Do you want to punch me in the face yet for talking about NY all the time?? I totally understand).

9. The last thing I coveted and bought for myself before I left LVMH was not a bag, or a pair of shoes…. but a book! Yes the Louis Vuitton New York Voyage Notebook by Ruben Toledo. This books contains the most beautiful watercolors of NY’s different neighborhoods, and its people, by the famous Cuban-born artist. I love flipping through the pictures and getting inspired by a different neighborhood or picture.

10. My special mug to keep me hydrated throughout the day. I only drink water, earl gray tea, or kombucha while working in here. Who needs coffee when you have this view to stay awake? Once, I brought my mug to work (Aritzia head office) and left it in the sink, only to find it go missing for two weeks.  I put up signs about my missing mug (yep I’m THAT girl) and I finally got it back. From now on, it only stays at home :)

11. I am a Broadway buff. I saw over 100 shows in NY and this candle is an actual prop off the set of one of my favorite musicals “In The Heights“. It’s signed by the entire cast, and I got it one year at the Broadway Cares Flea Market.  Every time I look at this candle, memories of 100+ shows flood into my mind. I love live shows as there is so much dedication, focus and work put into this one event, which will only be viewed by the people who physically go and visit a specific theatre. It’s mind boggling to me. Whether the theatre is filled at 100% or 10% capacity, the actors and actresses are always fully present at each performance, giving it their all and for those three hours, the audience is allowed to forget about life, worry, and stress.

12. I love inspirational cheesy quotes. You can totally make fun of me.  I am a complete sucker for any type of motivational quote and this card was given to me by one of my great friends, Rosalyn, right before I moved back to Vancouver (“go set the world on fire”). I’m fascinated by quotes – an excellent quote can have the same power, and motivational impact,  as a five-page article… and is much more likely to be read.

13. I love Alice in Wonderland (for obvious reasons) and I love practical items. This Alice in Wonderland “Drink Me” bottle opener had both a functional component, and sentimental meaning, so I picked it up at Anthropologie.

P.S. Get a sneak peek at Alice’s latest project Wantering.

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