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Workspace | Writer and Editor Erin McGann’s Mobile German Office

The Anthology’s Workspace column takes us inside the very creative spaces of some very creative people.

I am dying to go traveling overseas, but I’m too chicken to do it with a toddler and a preschooler. Erin McGann, however, is not afraid of traveling — or moving — overseas with a family. Here, the freelance writer and editor, who chronicles expat family life on her blog, shares her rotating workspace in her own words…

Since we moved to Heidelberg, Germany, I’ve not had a dedicated office space. There’s a desk in our living room I share with my husband when he’s working at home, and I sometimes work in the kitchen. Or on the bed!

I often work for a couple hours in a coffee shop after I drop off my son at his bilingual German school, though I’m not as spoiled for choice as I would be in Vancouver — free wifi is not as common here. My favourite spot is Coffee Nerd, though I can only drink one of their coffees or I will be vibrating until 10pm. My Swiss friend can drink two in a row with no ill effects and it blows my mind.

When I work in the living room…

-We have a plain Ikea wood worktop with simple legs, because three overseas moves makes Ikea your best friend.

-Our drone, a DJI Mavic Pro, that we are learning to make some interesting little travel films with, like this one.

-Some travel and history books about Heidelberg, as I’m just finishing recording an audio tour for the lovely little German city we call home now.

-My “I love London” muc, which came from Anthropologie. We spent seven years living in London, and it was where my son was born, so it will always hold a large piece of my heart.

-A signed print by Tony Cliff we picked up at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. He writes and draws the excellent Delilah Dirk graphic novels, and lives in Vancouver.

When I work in the kitchen…

-I often work in here when I’m editing long policy papers (one of my other freelance hats, we all have ten of those, right?), and I need my laptop up at eye level so my shoulders don’t seize up. This stand has a couple different configurations. It’s made by a Danish startup called Flio.

-The table is made from old wood rescued from a 19th-century Steveston warehouse. We had it made for us by Vancouver Reclaimed when we first moved back from London.

-The wall art is actually fabric from Ikea’s Svartan line, a collaboration between textile designer Martin Bergstrom and fashion students from India.

-I have an irrational love for this head planter, which I picked up from Etsy.

-The mini bell jar came from this terrific store called Flying Tiger Cophenhagan — I am totally obsessed with their bonkers products.

Want to know what Erin writes from all these workspaces? You’ll find plenty of tips and tricks for travelling in Europe (with or without kids) on her blog Erin at Large.

[First photo by the French Californian, 2nd – 6th photos by Erin McGann, last photo by Saffron Consultants]

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Workspace | Publicist Carine Redmond’s Office Version 2.0

The Anthology’s Workspace column takes us inside the creative spaces of some very creative people.

Carine Redmond deserves full credit for bringing back The Anthology’s Workspace column. The Vancouver-based publicist’s gummy worm-covered desk was one of my favourite features back in the day. And when that Facebook memory popped up in my feed, I remembered how much I love creeping on people’s creative spaces.

So here we are! In Carine’s stunning new light-filled office. Shot by Vancouver-based photographer Whitney Krutzfeldt, the candy’s much fancier, the Kardashians are much more prominent, plus now there’s a puppy!

The Anthology: Wait. I recognize that globe.

Carine Redmond: It’s the same one! Jillian Harris used it for a shoot (I can’t remember what for) I was working on years ago and afterwards I went to Country Furniture and immediately purchased it like a little copycat. It’s my favourite item on my desk and has made it through many moves.

Working with Etsy, I spend a lot of days perusing product online. The ‘relationship status Avocado’ mug is so funny to me and all of my notebooks, cards, and most of my office accessories are from Etsy.

I still get my photos printed and like to keep recent ones on my desk – I switch them out periodically. I LOVE my white desk chair. An ex boyfriend bought it for me but I can’t part with it so I just tell myself it was a gift from my puppy.

TA: Do you seriously have that candy on your desk all day?

CR: I usually do, mostly because the Sugarfina stuff is so cute. I try to force it on visitors so that I don’t eat it. Often the girls who work for me.

TA: You read good ol’ fashioned printed magazines!

CR: I read books and magazines online like everybody else but still like to have hard copies – so if I really want to read something I buy a non digital version. I peruse magazines for pitch ideas and inspiration and tear sheets out for my vision boards (seriously).

TA: When are you most productive?

CR: I’m most productive work wise in the AM (7am-12pm). I try to do any real writing, editing and creative work before logging onto email. If I do that then I am able to spend the rest of the day in meetings and on calls and answering the flood of emails.

TA: How do you stay organized when you’re juggling a million clients and projects?

CR: By keeping a clean email inbox. I live and die by this rule. Keep what you need to tackle in your inbox and file everything else away. Clutter makes me crazy and that includes digital clutter.

TA: KKW! (I guess that’s more of a statement than a question!)

CR: Kim Kardashian has always done the best nude lip and I spent years trying to copy it and recreate it. Naturally, I had to get her KKW x Kylie Cosmetics nude lip kit. I love the Kardashians and still watch the show, not in an ironic way. Sorry guys!

TA: What’s the hardest thing about working for yourself?

CR: Managing other people, and all the accounting – my least favourite part of running a business.

TA: What are you most excited about right now work-wise?

CR: So much! Summer is fun for us because we have a lot of events. We’re helping Grey Goose with their Sunset Soiree events in Western Canada this August and as you can imagine, those are big and extravagant and include vodka so fun is had by all.

TA: Tell us about Tim Riggins: the man, the myth, the beagle!

CR: Tim Riggins spends his days trying to climb up on my desk and look out the window. Truth be told, it’s hard to get much work done with him around so I keep his social calendar packed during the week!

Carine Redmond handles the Western Canada PR for national and global lifestyle brands like Etsy, Parallel 49 Brewing Company, The Dailey Method, the Bentall Kennedy Group, India Rose Cosmeticary and the Chatters Style Happy tour. When she’s not at work, Carine’s usually watching reruns of Friday Night Lights, catching up on all things Kardashian or photographing her beagle pup Tim Riggins.

[Photos by Whitney Krutzfeldt]

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Workspace | We want to see your space!

I’ll admit it: I’m a creative creep. I love to see other people’s studios, offices, workspaces of any sort (like A Fabulous Fete‘s moodboard, pictured above). That’s why the Workspace column has long been one of my favourites (and one of The Anthology’s longtime readers’ favourites too!). In it, we showcased everything from home offices to corner offices to brand-new architectural wonders of corporate offices, in every industry you can think of. Everyone from beauty bloggers to advertising executives shared their analog to-do lists, their gummy worm obsessions and their favourite work-related reads.

And I want to do it all again. So I’m bringing the Workspace column back.

If you know someone (like, say…you!) who has a beautifully designed space, an interesting story behind the coffee mug that sits beside their laptop, or just needs some motivation to tidy up their desk (or not — we won’t judge!), send me a note at I can’t wait to see these spaces!

[Image from A Fabulous Fete]

Decor | Do you believe in furniture fate?

Brass mirror

Do you think it’s possible to conjure a thrifted find? Like, if you pray to the gods of ’80s furniture often enough, do you think they actually answer? It wasn’t long ago I posted about this brass mirror from CB2 (which is also a shelf, but let’s ignore those details for a moment). And now, at a Ukrainian church sale I find this shiny beauty, which is straight outta the ’80s, babies.

As of right this minute it’s hanging in my office, but I’m in the process of redoing it (I’m always in the process of redoing it) so who knows how long it will stay on this particular wall. I’ll keep you posted.

Workspace | MEC’s New Vancouver Headquarters

The Anthology’s Workspace column takes us inside the creative spaces of some very creative people.

My Pinterest feed is filled with beautiful architectural spaces. Light, bright, expansive. And most importantly, inspiring. Mountain Equipment Co-op’s new Vancouver HQ would fit right in.

I mean, is it a dance studio?

A climbing gym?

Or just a really inspiring workspace?

For a place that’s all about selling the outdoors, they sure do make the indoors look appealing.

P.S. Creep the creative spaces of some very creative people, like Erin Shaw of Shaw TVErica Lam of The Style Spy, and Anya Georgijevic of I’m the It Girl in The Anthology’s Workspace column.

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Bookmark | My Scandinavian Home

In The Anthology’s Bookmark column we explore some of the most inspiring places on the wild, wild web.

If you, like me, can’t get enough of painted hardwood floors, sparse furniture, high ceilings and a certain eclectic rusticness, then you’ll love My Scandinavian Home.

Named one of’s top design blogs of the year, it’s filled with beautifully curated photos drawn from all over the decor-loving internet.

The aesthetic is one I love — a little shabby and old, a little sleek and new. It’s as cool as it is warm.

With angled ceilings, lots of sheepskin and the occasional Ikea piece, it’ll reinvigorate your appreciation for white walls. So bookmark My Scandinavian Home already and bookmark The Anthology while you’re at it.

[Images from My Scandinavian Home, naturally.]

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Inside Kelly Wearstler’s Studio

“The key to success is organization,” says Kelly Wearstler. In this video by the New York Times, the designer offers a tour of her Los Angeles studio, where she and her team dream up and bring to life everything in her eponymous line, from home wares to women’s accessories.

Workspace | Shannon Molenaar of 8FOOTSIX

The Anthology’s Workspace column takes us inside the creative spaces of some very creative people.

The moment I saw Shannon Molenaar’s workspace on the Steven & Chris Show, I invited her to share her home office with us. It’s so proper! So personalized! In her own words, the Toronto-based interior decor blogger behind 8FOOTSIX takes us through the space, which is overflowing with objets and books and somehow manages to be very, very tidy.

Plus, how pretty is that wall colour?

1. I blog from our upstairs office. I enjoy spending time in here because it is filled with my favorite things – books, plants, art, and my collection of milk glass vases!

2. When I look around, everything has a story. Most of the furniture came with us from our condo.

3. The desk (Pottery Barn Kids), the leather chair (Mitchell Gold) and the two black end tables that hold the colour photo printer are a few of the things we didn’t want to give away when we moved, so we shoved them in the office – and it works!

4. I bought the tallboy dresser from Craigslist.  It was a gorgeous wood grain but smelled musty/fishy.  So I sanded it down and painted it white.  It holds… well… everything!

The picnic basket on the chair by the door was given to me decades ago by my sister-in-law and is now stuffed with felt scraps.

5. There are tons of accessories scattered around the room. There is a wooden fish on the wall from Bilbao, where I spent a summer studying Spanish.  There is a pencil crayon drawing of naked chickens (don’t ask) that I made in high school, along with my son’s first painting.

6. Treasures I brought back from Paris flea markets, like my little brass hedge hog, are sitting on the bookshelves, alongside things I found at local thrift stores.

P.S. Get a peek at Shannon’s latest projects here.

P.P.S. Creep the creative spaces of some very creative people, like Erin Shaw of Shaw TVErica Lam of The Style SpyNiki Blasina of A Haute Mess, and Anya Georgijevic of I’m the It Girl in The Anthology’s Workspace column.

P.P.P.S. Know someone whose Workspace should be featured? Send a note to

Workspace | Erin Shaw of Shaw TV

The Anthology’s Workspace column takes us inside the creative spaces of some very creative people.

She’s a television personality, producer and blogger and I’ve known Erin Shaw for years (and her sister even longer because Vancouver is the biggest small town in the world!). But I’d never actually worked with Erin until I was a host on Timmy’s Telethon and she was my producer (thanks again!).

Since she’s always creeping other people’s spaces in her peep-worthy column over at Vancouver Is Awesome, I thought it would be fitting to creep her workspace. Accompanied by photos by Art3fact, Erin takes us through her surprisingly tidy space in her own words.

1. When you look at my desk, it’s pretty organized. When my space is clear, my mind is clear and I’m able to work. I try and my workspace pretty clear and tidy, except for a few key things that inspire me.

2. Pictures of family and friends, a reminder of the important stuff.

3. My Bay teacup – I drink probably about three pots of tea a day if I’m working from home. It’s a great procrastination strategy to always be getting up and making tea. You should try it sometime! I actually bought this cup for my boyfriend for his stocking this year, but he doesn’t get to use it much.

4. The Selby is in Your Place – Great inspiration for my Vancouver is Awesome column “The Pop-In Series.” I tend to be a minimalist in my workspace (and home) by default, and it’s a good reminder that people co-exist with beautiful creative and messy explosions all around them. I would love to have some messy explosions and this book reminds me that productive workspaces aren’t always made up of 90 degree angles and clutter-free surfaces.

5. My notebook. All my notebooks need to be lined because I can’t stand not writing straightly (again — an aversion to messiness). This one is by Leuchtturm1917 and I got it because of the colour. I can never find a black book in the bottom of my bag. It’s always handy to have a smart-looking notebook at meetings…sometimes even more than a smart tablet!

6. My clockradio. I listen to CBC most of the day while I work. I’ve had this clockradio since I was 8, and it was the first place where I got to choose the station. This thing helped me discover the romance of the airwaves…and the idea that through this technology that hasn’t changed much, you can reach an audience. I still love radio and the shared experience that it offers.

7. My pinboard. All the paper that lands on my desk goes up here. Post-its, reminders, cards, stamps, lotto, gift cards, and notes all go up off the desk and onto this board. It saves my sanity.

8. The ledge holds all the nicknacks that I love, but don’t want on my work surface. The mini elephant is from my Grandma who got it probably in the 1960s. I keep it there because it reminds me of my time in Thailand in 2011 when I volunteered with an Asian elephants rescue centre. It’s a good reminder to slow down, and remember that we’re small pieces of the puzzle.

9. Panasonic headphones. I need those for editing video mostly, but they are also really helpful when I can’t concentrate. If I find the right music, I can tune everything else out.

[Photos by Art3fact]

P.S. Get a peek at Erin’s latest projects here. And if you’re in Canada you can catch her guest hosting The Rush March 25-28.

P.P.S. Creep the creative spaces of some very creative people, like Erica Lam of The Style SpyNiki Blasina of A Haute Mess, and Anya Georgijevic of I’m the It Girl in The Anthology’s Workspace column.