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Photographer Mark Leibowitz was in Vancouver a few weeks ago shooting street style for Glamour Magazine. (Can’t wait to see those pictures, these are actually his shots from various fashion weeks.)

The man is a crazy talent — just peep his portfolio — and though he may look Canadian in his Teh Scarf, he’s from the Bay Area.

Photographer Paul Melo of Style Quotient captured much of Mark’s shoot on film (can’t wait to see that video!).

And it was funny to see them compare their photo-taking process. Paul declared himself more of a stay-still-and-set-up-the-shot-carefully kind of guy, whereas Mark and his subjects were moving all over the place.

Will my street style shot make it into the magazine? Who knows.

But thanks to this blog and my creative company Northill I feel like my life is one big photo shoot (see exhibits A, B, C, D and E).

And that’s a beautiful thing.

[Photos by Mark Leibowitz for Glamour Magazine except the one of the photographer himself. I took that.]

P.S. Facebook’s one big photo shoot so like The Anthology.

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