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In her latest dispatch from London, Katie Burnett, a friend, actress and writer, shares the secrets of Spitalfields Market…

Remember that adorable film with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts? Notting Hill was it? Loved it. So cute. Know it off by heart – “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy” etc. And what huge attraction is in the London area of Notting Hill? The infamous Portobello Market, home of vintage things, antique things, expensive things. But what if you don’t have that much money to spend and are looking for something lesser known? Look no further than Old Spitalfields Market, located right by Liverpool Street.

On Sundays, hipsters, families and fashion editors alike converge down on the market, sorting through the rails of 5 pound dresses for a diamond in the rough, sampling the “best brownies in the world” and checking each other out for fashion inspirations. If you’re only in London for one Sunday and you need to pick your market, make it Spitalfields. While it’s still a very busy market, it’s one a lot of travellers don’t know about. And don’t we all want to return home with a one-of-a-kind item of clothing to make family and co-workers jealous?

For your hunger, try Androuet, the Parisian cheese shop where you can buy a few hunks of British and French cheese, or stay for a glass of wine.

And for those of us without a huge Benefit store in our cities, make sure to stop by and pick up some items you might not be able to get at home! Or for your sweet tooth, visit the rows of reasonably priced and delicious baked goods! The nearby Sunday Up Market will provide more vintage choices than you can handle, and if you haven’t filled up on food from Spitalfields, there will be more than enough choices from the food stalls with cuisine from around the world to tempt you!

It’s entirely possible to bring 20 pounds (roughly 31 CAD dollars) and walk away with an item of clothing, some funky jewellery and a very full belly!

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    What a dapper camehrr this man is. Thank God there is still some dignity and style left in a world of boring conformity. Thanks for highlighting these original older folks.

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