You said it!

When you filled out The Anthology’s reader survey, you told me loud and clear what you’d like to see on The Anthology: more writing, more photos, more frequent posts, more of my boy Roy (see below). Thanks a million!

You also had some questions, comments and requests, a few of which I thought I’d address right here:

I love the before and after stories! they win hands down for me!
Almost every single one of you said something similar. Which means I’m going to go foraging for more hideous vintage pieces pronto!

Ever need volunteers for anything, or take suggestions from readers?
Yes and yes! Send me a note at, mmkay?

I would like to see more behind the scenes coverage on cultural and fashiony things being make in Vancouver
You got it! We’ve got lots planned in the coming weeks and months, including some sneak peeks at December’s Vancouver Fashion Showcase, trips to designers’ studios, plus tons of parties and events.

A few of you wrote poems that were too good to keep to myself (such talent!)
There once was a girl,
Who liked clothes and puppies,
Which is very normal.


if i had your closet
i would be set
i would be so fashiony
and be the writer of the anthology

I’d like a reminder now and then about new content
I post the latest on The Anthology’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Plus, The Anthology’s now on Google+ too. Subscribe! Or just hit refresh on all day. That works too.

If you ever need a beauty writer, I’m heeeeeeeere!!
Beauty! (Get it?) Send me a note and writing samples if you have ’em to

beep boop beep beep brrrrrrrrrrap!
Right back atcha!

All I know is that I don’t know what I would do without your blog (=
And I don’t know what I’d do without you guys! Talk to myself maybe?

P.S. Haven’t given your input yet? Share your thoughts in The Anthology’s reader survey. I’d love to know what you think!

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