Don’t say I didn’t warn you

I laughed when I saw that la flore et la faune had the Anthology listed under “Ceux qui devraient dessiner,” which (according to Google Translate) means “Those who should draw.” If there’s one thing I should not do — it’s draw. Je suis terrible.


But La Flore didn’t believe me. In fact, La Flore challenged me to draw an outfit. Et voila. It took me three tries to produce the one on the right. And I didn’t even bother to include arms. Or shins.

hot-hot-heatIt looked much better in real life. With all my chains and my concert t-shirt (I’m one of the people who buys those. Remember the New Kids?).

f-troupe-shoesAnd my F-Troupe shoes. Which I love because they’re just a little boyish.

I suppose, then, it’d be fair to list me under “Ceux qui devraient wear those more often.”

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  • Reply quelle September 16, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    lol @ “ceux qui devraient wear those more often”
    a valiant effort! i applaud you. also, limbs are overrated.

    ps – yay for hot hot heat!

  • Reply Liv September 16, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Love it! didn’t know you had a talent for the pen in more than one way. Maybe you can auction this one off too =D

    I was seriously going to bid on your painting if you had not. But I realized you really wanted it (along with Noshwell) so I did not.

    Those shoes are ridiculously cool.

  • Reply la flore et la faune September 16, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    champagne ! bravo pour avoir relevé le défi.

  • Reply sofiasophie September 17, 2009 at 12:51 am

    I looove your jeans and your necklace(s).
    Your outfit are always perfect and efforlessly cool… I am sure you are cool even just after awaking!

  • Reply Gerri Ward September 17, 2009 at 1:37 am

    Oooh I luv this outfit it’s solely FASHIONABLY FABULOUSLY CHIC from head to toe!!!
    p.s. I luv your F-Troupe soles!:)

  • Reply hauteworld September 17, 2009 at 2:13 am

    Ok, the drawing isn’t that bad! I used to sketch as a kid, but I haven’t done it in ages and I would probably make a mess of anything I attempted to illustrate. I collect concert tees as well, but mainly the more fitted versions. All the bigger tees I have, I ended up wearing as nightgowns, because they were just too huge (I think they were men’s versions anyway).

    P.S. Love the jacket in your last post!

  • Reply Nadia September 17, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    LOL it came out ok ..
    love her blog by the way …i was just looking at it a second ago

  • Reply Etrapar September 17, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    but I like your draw darling ^.^

  • Reply xs September 17, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    la flore is an inspiration to us all! great drawing, keep it up!

  • Reply miriam September 18, 2009 at 6:20 am

    what a great post, and tu n’est pas terrible, you can certainly draw!

  • Reply Bri September 18, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    this made me laugh.

  • Reply Kelsey September 19, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Quelle — Hot Hot Heat is the best, aren’t they? They were amazing when they opened for the even more amazing Bloc Party.

    Liv — they’re from Umeboshi, mon amie.

    La Flore — oh no, now I’ve got to go to Google Translate to understand your comment (even though I took French up until grade 12 and spent a month at the Sorbonne in Paris)

    Sofia — there is absolutely nothing cool about me when I wake up. I can barely keep my eyes open right now, in fact.

    Gerri — F-troupe actually makes quite a few cute soles.

    Hauteworld — Ha! I tend to wear my tourist t-shirts as night gowns

    Naben — I’m so happy you still have that photo of you and me and the lead singer of Hot Hot Heat. That was such a fun party.

    Nadia — La Flore’s are beautiful illustrations, aren’t they?

    Etrapar — you’re sweet.

    XS — be careful what you wish for.

    Miriam — really? You sound like my mama.

    Bri — Me too!

  • Reply la flore et la faune September 21, 2009 at 2:31 am

    @miriam. Be careful > “tu n’es pas terrible” means “you’re quite terrible”… ;-)
    And fashion sketches are often very rough. Have you ever seen Karl’s ones ?

  • Reply Notreallyanyofyourbusiness Nooffence September 21, 2009 at 11:27 am

    They probably meant “design” instead of “draw” – I think those words mean the same thing in French.

    They want you to design clothes!

    Fair enough, since you have a great sense of style.

  • Reply The Anthology » Blog Archive » The talents of others October 16, 2009 at 8:12 am

    […] Never cease to inspire me. Take Danny Roberts, for example. The 23 year old illustrator from California makes me wish and hope and pray I could actually draw. […]

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