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My most daring before shot yet

Normally my before shots look like this or this and someone else turns them into magical after shots (I’m not much of a do-it-myselfer). But this before shot is a little different, and I’m not going to lie to you, a little terrifying.


Using leather, chains and charms from Country Beads I’m going to attempt to make a pirate-themed bracelet. And I really, really hope it turns out.

I want my MTV (Canada)

Typically I’m out cold by 9:59 on a Thursday night (I have a gran-tastic bedtime). But this week, I downed an espresso and went to the Roxy(!) where one of my best friends (and favourite MTV host) Jessi Cruickshank was doing a shoot for MTV’s After Show.


We spent the night giggling about our friend Briony’s recent engagement (yaaaay!), getting denied by the band (turns out they don’t play Backstreet Boys) and trying to look natural while dancing on stage (to Emin-freaking-em).


Best dressed that night had to be Laura in her thrifted Moschino boustier, which Anji found for her in San Francisco.


No Mom, I don’t yet know when it will air, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know.

Update: If you’re in Canada you can watch it on You won’t want to miss our in-depth discussion about Twitter.

In stark contrast

to what it was before, this dress is now something I’d wear out of the house.


To brunch, to lunch, to dinner, wherever.


It’s sweet, but not too sugary sweet.


What did my husband say when he saw the transformation?


“It’s so short.”


You can’t win, can you?

“You cannot post that”

Says my husband, “It looks… You look…”


“You just can’t.”


Well, I had to. Because it’s my favourite “before” (my purple striped dress is a close second).


I’m getting it altered and I’ll post the “after” shot in a week or so. But tell me, does it or does it not look exactly like what your Great Aunt Helga wears to bed?

What’s even better than a guest post?

A guest post about a city I’m desperate to visit. Before her jet lag had even worn off, Liv from It’s a Beautiful Life contributed this post about Hong Kong (with a bit of Shanghai to make me extra envious).

I was much honored to be asked by The Anthology to write a guest post; it’s been so much fun watching this blog grow and I look forward to the updates in my RSS reader every day. I recently went on a whirlwind of a trip to Asia to two very happening cities: Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Liv HK

I was born in Hong Kong so going back is like slipping on a pair of well-worn jeans — the comfort of familiarity sinks in as I drive past the dazzling city lights and formidable skyscrapers.

As for Shanghai, well I was a Shanghai virgin.  It is fascinating city which not only shows the best of East meets West but is also a great example of China’s economic progress.  Construction is everywhere, and the well-heeled Shanghainese strut their stuff on the great catwalks of Shanghai.

I’ve put together my hot list for Hong Kong – a composite of places and things I love. I hope you get to visit them soon.
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This dress was ridiculous

It reached the floor and the overlay flapped around wildly with every move I made.

black vintage dress with florals

It seems so much subtler now that I’ve had it shortened. And with the belt, the overlay is much less unruly.

black vintage dress detail

Many of you have told me you love the before and after shots. This, alas, is a lonely “after” with no “before”. But if you want to see my favourite favourite favourite “after”, it’s right here.

I can’t decide

if this is a “before” shot or not. I found this dress at the Vintage Mall in Seattle and I may very well end up leaving it exactly as it is.


If I do end up going to Sasquatch at the Gorge this summer (and I really hope I do), this dress will be coming with me.

Take a look at other “befores” and my favourite “after” here.