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Black and white and old all over

Funny what you find when you loot your own inspiration folder. In my case, lots of red patterns, muted greens and graphic black and white.


And I’ve also found some of the inspiration behind much of what I’ve done with my place.


Like black walls, which made me realize a chalkboard wall doesn’t automatically imply playroom.


And this shot, which I believe was from Vogue. It was the inspiration behind my living room table.

What do you call this green?

Have no idea. But I know I love it. Enough to keep tear sheet after tear sheet of it in my inspiration folder.


Also love clothes from the late forties, early fifties. So glamourous. Though that could also be because of the red lips.




And oh my word, this dress. Can you imagine stumbling across something like it in a vintage shop? Would also be beautiful in that gorgeous green.

While we’re on the subject of 1991

I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the limited edition art book/fashion magazine Visionaire whose first issue came out that year. The theme was spring and its editors couldn’t afford to bind it so they assembled all 1000 copies by hand and sold each for ten bucks.


That was then (photo by Tyler Askew).


Now, issue 56 is out. Its theme: Solar. Its collaborator: Calvin Klein Collection. Its effect: magic. When the book is placed in direct sunlight, works by artists like Richard Phillips (above) mysteriously transform from black and white into colour.

Which is kind of like a sophisto-twist on the hypercolor  t-shirts I wanted so bad (but never got) way back in 1991.

Bold red patterns

are everywhere in Turkey. In carpets hung outside shop windows, in blankets draped over the seats of taxis, in the floor cushion (dog bed) I just bought.  Bold red patterns are also, coincidently, all over my inspiration folder…





And though there’s more yellow than anything else in the clipping above, I love the red and pink it features. I love red and pink together. Maybe that’s because my birthday is right after Valentine’s Day.

I also love discovering patterns, much like when I woke up one day and realized my iTunes was full of Swedish pop.

I give myself a lot of flack

for my lack of DIY skills. But truth is, I wear the tool belt in my family. I can install curtain rods (shower and otherwise) and hang photos like a mofo (see exhibit a).

writing desk

But I’m especially proud of my new desk. I made it using a butcher’s block my ma shipped here from Michigan and table legs I bought at Ikea.


Rocket surgery it was not. But still…

A cocktail would taste so much better

If it came from a one-of-a-kind custom-made bar. Especially if that bar were the first piece commissioned from François-Xavier Lalanne by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

bar yves saint laurent

It’s equal parts sculptural and functional. And would look lovely in my living room. The oval piece is a bottle rack, the horn in the middle is a shaker, the sphere beside it is an ice bucket and the cylinder is a vase.

From the Collection Yves Saint Laurent et Pierre Bergé at Christie’s (if you visit the site, please note the price realized). Thank you, Kyle.

Open design

I wish I were more of a do-it-myselfer. I really do. If I were an extremely capable one, I just might take advantage of Ronen Kadushin’s open design concept. 

bird-table-ronen kadushin

The German designer has published designs for pieces like this on his site.


You can download his designs and, if you like, modify them.

ronen kadushin table

It’s all in the name of sharing creativity. (Thank you, Melissa, for sharing yours.)

I couldn’t talk about custom-made goodies

without including my two favourite rings (k, fine: my two only rings). The band was designed with the help of my talented designer friend (you’re the best, Ben).

ruby diamond white gold rings

And the ruby was inspired by these earrings from Vogue.


Which one day maybe, hopefully will one day be mine.