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The Rush | Made in Vancouver

I joined Fiona Forbes on The Rush to share some of my favourite made-in-Vancouver picks — from home decor to beauty to fashion to kids’ wear, all of which you can find on Etsy.

Featuring:  Recover Me Design linens,  Love My Local cheese boards, Strathcona StockingsOh Kuol jewelry,  RED and Dandy bowties,  Amore Natural beauty products,  Mabel Retro kids’ wear,  First Prints MocsCity Creations puppets.

Thanks again for having me!

Diary | Corks and Corky, My New (Four-legged) Golf Buddy

Is there anyone who doesn’t dream of owning a vineyard one day? It’s the life. Work, yes. All-consuming, sure. But a dream nonetheless.

When we were filming the series I hosted for Tourism Kelowna and Vitamin Daily (you’ll find a behind-the-scenes recap here) I wined and dined with Spierhead Winery owners Virginia and Brian Sprout, two people who are living the dream. Actually, Brian is living two dreams — he’s also a superstar photographer who took many of the stunning shots you see in Tourism Kelowna ads, brochures and the like.

When I visited their winery I employed their dog to help me cheat at golf (that’s Corky in the distance and my wicked golf stance in the foreground).

And drank wine straight from the barrel (which, it turns out, does not mean sticking your face under the tap). Take a look…

Thanks for having me, Tourism Kelowna, Vitamin Daily and Spierhead Winery! Thanks again, Bent Matter Productions!

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P.P.S. Watch the first instalment of the series at Summerhill Pyramid Winery here, the very psychedelic second instalment at the Vibrant Vine here and the Rolling Stones-tastic third instalment here.

Diary | Trekking Through the Kelowna Wine Trails, part deux

The Vibrant Vine isn’t your average winery. For one thing, they hand you 3D glasses the minute you walk in their tasting room. For another, their grape-pickers double as lunchtime musicians. And — my personal favourite — they have a vineyard frisbee golf course, where a few of my errant shots trimmed the vines.

At the Vibrant Vine, we shot part two of the Wine Trails series I hosted for Tourism Kelowna and Vitamin Daily (you’ll find a behind-the-scenes recap here). When we were taping the final scene of my psychedelic trip, proprietor Tony Lewis donned an, um, vintage costume (wine pun!) and I had NO idea.

Still had no idea.

Finally turned around and found out just how seriously they take their wine at the Vine.

Watch the clip to see how it all played out. Bonus: you’ll also find out how many Ogopogo puns you can fit into one Kelowna-themed video…

Thanks for having me, Tourism Kelowna, Vitamin Daily and Vibrant Vine! Thanks again, Bent Matter Productions!

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P.P.S. Watch the first instalment of the series at Summerhill Pyramid Winery here.

Diary | Happily Sipping my Way Through the Kelowna Wine Trails

Oooooooh boy. I can barely contain my excitement. A few weeks ago I trekked to BC’s Okanagan to host a series for Tourism Kelowna and Vitamin Daily. (You’ll find a behind-the-scenes recap here.)

My task? To sip my way along the Kelowna Wine Trails.

First stop: Summerhill Pyramid Winery where I wined and dined with the best of them. (Despite what it looks like, I’m not blowing a kiss to the chef.) Take a look…

Thanks for having me, Tourism Kelowna, Vitamin Daily and Summerhill Pyramid Winery! Thanks again, Bent Matter Productions! Can’t wait for the next instalment!

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Northill | Take flight

Through my writing company Northill I’ve been working with some of the most amazing clients (holler!), one of which is the Flying Pigeon bicycle.

Take a look at the just-released video and tell me it’s not dreamy. Then take a look at and tell me it’s not the most compelling copy you’ve ever read.

[Music by Edo van Breemen, video by Adrian Buitenhuis, Bryant Bell and Redia Soltis.]

Interview | Style’s in the bag

Things that made the front page of the Province today: Obama, the EU and my face.


Take a look at the segment for me, will ya? I’m in a backcountry lodge in the Rockies at the moment and the internet connection here is soooo slow.

Thanks again, Dana Gee, for making the shoot so much fun.

Interview | Wear short dresses! And other fashion tips from The Anthology


Summer means dresses. So I stopped by Banana Republic to talk to the Province’s Dana Gee about picking the perfect dress for your body type (hourglass, curvy, boyish, petite, pear-shaped, you name it). Take a look…

And if you want more tips and tricks for dressing your body type, you’ll find them in the print edition of the Province (which I guarantee my mother is circulating throughout her office as I type this).

Thank you, Dana, for making the interview so much fun!

[Photo and video shot by Jenelle Schneider – PNG, The Province]

Coachella is my happy place


Can you blame me? The sun, the music, the insanity — I’m exhausted already and day two hasn’t even begun yet.


The highlight of the first day? !!! (Chk Chk Chk) hands down. They put on the best live show. Every. Single. Time. Even at 2:30 in the afternoon under the blazing desert sun, frontman Nic Offer hams it up like nobody’s business, revving the crowd while wearing the shortest shorts imaginable.


And I managed to capture a few glorious moments of !!! (Chk Chk Chk) at Coachella 2011 on film. Please forgive the audio distortion — I was standing right in front of the speakers (which ended up being the perfect spot to film Offer leaving the stage and rocking out in the middle of the crowd).

Next time !!! (Chk Chk Chk) comes to your city, please promise me you’ll go see them? They’ll be in Vancouver at the Electric Owl on May 28th, which means you know where I’ll be.

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