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As Seen on TV

All right, my friends, I promised you this video (and you promised you wouldn’t laugh too hard at it). So without further ado, this is the segment I filmed with The Express (thanks again, team!). Can you count the number of times I twirl around? I lose track after 624,482.

Thank you, Graeme, for your technical wizardry! And thanks again Melanie Pineda for a fun shoot!

Well this is a first…

Nokia gave me an N8 to play with (thanks guys!). And while I’m not a very techy person and can’t elaborate on all its fancy features, I can tell you about its video camera. Or, more specifically, I can show you what you can do with it.

So without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to The Anthology’s first video. Shot entirely on an N8, set to the tune of Moth’s Wings by Passion Pit, and starring my pup Leroy.

P.S. The Anthology’s Twitter feed is a first, too.