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What to Watch, Stream and Read Over the Holidays

In her latest post, Katie Burnett fills your holidays with culture.

Films Worth Braving the Weather to See

American Hustle

You had me at Jennifer Lawrence’s hair. But I’ll also go for Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner in this black comedy of con artists and bell bottoms.

The Wolf of Wall Street

I’ll always go when it’s Martin Scorsese and/or Leonardo DiCaprio, but having read the book the film is based on, I am very excited for crazy debauchery and the wild ride it will surely be.

Inside Llewyn Davis

OK spoiler, I’ve already seen this but I will 100% go again when it is widely released. I assumed this film would have all the answers to life, and it pretty much did. It’s beautiful and wonderful and sad and heartbreaking and the music is phenomenal. You’ll be buying the soundtrack from your smartphone before you’ve left the movie theatre.

To Read

Plan B by Jonathan Tropper

I absolutely LOVED Jonathan Tropper’s book This is Where I Leave You but I wasn’t so hot on One Last Thing Before I Go. But, I’m going back to the beginning and reading his first book, about a group of friends reuniting and debauchery ensues.

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

Yes it’s a YA book and no I haven’t grown out of them. A lovely story of romance and friendship, and incredibly well written. (And once you’ve finished the book you can check out the film version with Shailene Woodley!)

After Henry by Joan Didion

I should have had you at Joan Didion. That is all you need to know. She’s just beyond. This is a collection of political essays, and they’re all fascinating.

To Stream on Netflix

Smashed with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron “Jesse Pinkman” Paul

They’re married. They’re alcoholics. It’s Jesse Pinkman. Just watch it.

Winter’s Bone with Jennifer Lawrence

I saw this in theatres a few years ago but it was so chilling and masterful it’s stayed with me ever since. I am definitely re-watching it this Christmas.

Spiral, TV Series

There’s four seasons of what can only be described as my absolute favourite French TV series of all time. It’s a detective series but like none you’ve never seen before. The characters, the stories, the hot French men and women – it’s phenomenal and exciting.

And, as a bonus, my favourite holiday movie of all time (nope, not Elf but that’s up there!)…..

Little Women with Winona Ryder

I mean. Look at them. Look at the snow. Look at their smiles. It’s perfect and you know you want to re-watch it.

Thanks, Katie!

Style | Alexa Chung’s “It”

In her latest post, Katie Burnett tells us how she fell hard for Alexa Chung’s first book. And at the bottom of the post, you could win a copy!

Alexa Chung’s debut book “It” is filled with pictures, anecdotes, and flashes of inspiration from the New York-based television personality and British Vogue contributing editor. Her style is eclectic, vintage, that kind of laissez-faire look that is unrefined yet totally elegant and seemingly achievable. Her outfits are enviable, and finally in this book we get to see all that inspires her.

An amalgamation of sketches, photos and quirky stories of Alexa’s upbringing and fashion experiences, “It” will make you want to dig out old diary entries and photos, buy a brand new moleskin and make your own collage of your life. It’s like the coolest diary ever.

The Anthology and Penguin are giving away a copy! Email to enter. Contest closes at noon on Tuesday, December 17th. You must be in the US or Canada. Good luck!

[UPDATE] Congratulations, Sarah W.! There’s a copy of “It” coming your way. Check your email for details.

Reading List | Questlove vs. Michele Bachmann

When you have a new baby you spend a lot of time reading random articles at 4am. Or at least I do. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite finds of (very, very) late.

Questlove on the games he plays: Salon.

And you thought you didn’t like eggplant: Allie’s Always Hungry.

Too embarrassed to ask your hairdresser for Hanson highlights? Into the Gloss.

The cardboard box crib and other details of the impending royal birth: The Cut.

I know, I know, you’re already on a million mailing lists but this sounds really cool: Daily Candy.

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Reading List | Can Reading Make You Rich?

When you have a newborn you spend a lot of time reading random articles at 4am. Or at least I do. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite finds of (very, very) late.

English lit grads rejoice! Salon.

Aaaaah love stories: Tin House.

When Milla Jovovich tries on clothes, it’s art: Vulture.

There’s not really anything to say about the hats of Ascot except…: New York Magazine.

Spend 36 hours in Vancouver and you’ll want to move here (thanks, Elisa!): New York Times.

If you haven’t yet read Stephen King’s On Writing, you should. And if you’d like his thoughts the newfangled way: Reddit.

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Reading List | Beauty Wisdom From Your Dad

When you have a newborn you spend a lot of time reading random articles at 4am. Or at least I do. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite finds of (very, very) late.

“Bad hair, don’t care, let’s build a fort” — beauty wisdom from your dad: xoVain.

The interview in which Kanye discusses the length of his ‘gevity: New York Times.

Matilda takes on Amanda — seven reasons child stars go crazy: Cracked.

Seven vintage shops to check out next time you’re in Seattle: Daily Candy.

So this is why you really don’t like the Facebook app: The Atlantic.

Now everybody’s going to be stepping up their Craigslist game: Jezebel.

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