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Wear/Where | Emerald Velvet

In The Anthology’s Wear/Where column, we celebrate the parallels between what you wear and where you live. 

If you were to throw a wintery dinner party in an emerald velvet dress…

…that perfectly matched your emerald velvet chairs, would that be a major yay or no way, bébé?

Wear: Green velvet dress by Ulyana Sergeenko.

Where: Interior design by Kitesgrove.

Wear/Where | Mix and match

Wear Gucci Bag Where Milk Magazine Home

There’s something magic about pulling together a look that feels a bit off-kilter, yet wouldn’t-change-a-thing perfect. Bonus points when it looks so, so comfortable. In this case, a low-key take on blush and merlot makes the leap from street style to striking living room.

Wear: Sara Escudero of Collage Vintage on Who What Wear.

Where: Vanessa Boz’s London home in Milk Magazine.

Wear/Where | 1980s cool, 1970s glam

Gucci Loafers

black brass chairs

When it comes to foolproof colour combinations, few are as glamourous as black and brass. The 1970s knew it, the 1980s knew it, and now, my friends, we’re getting to know it once again. Sure, it feels understated as an accessory, but boy does it feel bold as part of your decor.

Wear: Black loafers with brass detailing, like those by Gucci as seen on @deborabrosa.

Where: Farrah dining chair, as seen in the Create & Cultivate offices.

Wear/Where | To great lengths

Casablanca Free People Dress

Semikah Textiles

Go long. That’s a sports reference I don’t quite get (something to do with football?) but, as a style and design reference, I get it 100%. And it’s a slam dunk in my books (I know, I know, wrong sport, but you get where I’m going with it).

Wear: The Casablancas Maxi Dress by Free People for instant street style drama.

Where: Add a wide, slightly faded runner from Semikah Textiles for instant hallway drama.

Wear/Where | Peace Out

Peace Signs

Give peace a chance. Surround yourself with it; live it, wear it, accessorize your office with it.

Wear: An outfit with more personality than you ever thought possible in such a neutral palette (as seen on Crush Cul de Sac).

Where: A custom neon sign by Vancouver’s Endeavour Neon (coolest desk accessory I’ve ever seen!).

P.S. Metropolette started a series inspired by The Anthology’s Wear/Where series and I love her spin on it!