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I went about reading Wild in a very roundabout way, perhaps because I didn’t actually set out to read it at all. I saw the movie a while back when it became available on Netflix and liked it well enough. Then a few weeks back I was binge-listening to the Longform Podcast (one of my favourites) and was struck by the author Cheryl Strayed’s interview. It turned everything I assumed about the book on its head.

So I read it, loved it, was inspired by it. Not to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, mind you, but to toast to the sunshine.

Wybo and Lemonade June 2016

See, when I watched the movie and noticed a dramatic emphasis on Snapple Lemonade, I assumed that was product placement at its least subtle — I figured the book might have offhandedly mentioned lemonade once or twice and the movie capitalized on that by bringing on a Snapple sponsorship. And then I read the book and it sang the praises of that specific drink over and over again.

Which means the perfect cocktail pairing to go with Wild? Spiked lemonade. At my latest book club meeting (where we weren’t technically discussing Wild, but hey!) I brought vodka (thank you, Wyborowa!) and DIY lemonade: squeeze lemons, add a bit of sugar, then mix it up with a bit of soda and a shot of vodka.

It’s so simple, so delicious, so perfect for après an epic hike. Or at least reading about one.

P.S. Looking for another book/drink pairing? You’ll find a nice accompaniment to a Sandhill Merlot here.

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