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I don’t normally gravitate toward pastels — I’m more of a jewel tone kind of gal. Maybe it’s because soft pinks and baby blues turn my complexion the colour of the walking dead, but I tend to avoid them.

I can’t this spring, though. They’re e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e (pastels, not zombies).

So I might as well embrace them. These images are so gorgeous, so unique, so warm and soft, they remind me how much I love pastels in design and art work. A little girly girl, maybe. But a lot ’50s, too.

And I love the thought of wearing pastels on my nails. If I had a six-year-old niece she’d totally give me a manicure like this.

Have you been watching Garance Dore’s Pardon My French series? It makes me fall even harder for the blogette. She’s such a fun-loving talent who seems full of energy, it’s equally exhausting and inspiring to follow her adventures.

Three out of four of these pastel-y images are from French blogs, by the way. And I didn’t even do that on purpose — it was my Francophillic subconscious. Le sigh.

[Images from PandoraEnsuiteTales of Endearment, and Garance Dore.]

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