This is why you guys are the best

I love reading your comments (and so does my mother) — they make my day (and my mom’s). And sometimes your comments open me up to a whole new world of wonder. Like this one from Franvis who commented on this post about Erlend Oye.

“Stumbled on your website ’cause of Phoenix, and now I find your an Erlend fan… I rest my case, you’re good.

When he was in Brussels, I met him in the park. We had a chat, he even drove my bike in the sun. Do you like his new project, the Whitest Boy Alive?”

I do now. I had no idea the Whitest Boy Alive was Erlend’s project (neither did my husband who saw them live at Summercase in Barcelona in 2007). I hadn’t paid any attention to the band until now. Thank you Franvis for changing that.


You can find the video for my favourite song Burning here. And while you’re at it, take a look at the video for Misread by the Kings of Convenience, one of Erlend’s other projects.

cherry-blossomEvery spring I think of that video and how lovely it would be to spend the day under a tree playing the guitar and soccer.

If only I played the guitar or soccer.

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