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As 2010 is winding down, we’re recounting The Anthology’s most ridiculous moments of the past 365 days. (You can catch up with number ten and number nine.) Without any further ado I would like to present the most ridiculously late discovery (I’m only four centuries behind on this one).

quebec-je-taime8. This summer, I finally discovered the charming parks, picturesque riverbanks and beautiful old town of Quebec City. And I was one of the few out-of-provincers to discover the Festival d’Ete de Quebec, an 11-day showcase of artists like Arcade Fire, Santana and Passion Pit. It’s huge, it’s cheap as borsch (only $50) and very few of the attendees come from out of provice (only 5% according to the National Post).

Which means next year could be your year to discover it.

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