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Of Love and Hate

A hilarious guest post from my friend Anji.

As far as my boyfriend’s interests go, “fashion” falls somewhere between midwifery and Josh Groban’s favourite flavour of ice cream.  For him, “le smoking” is just fancy for pulmonary carcinoma and Yves is a saint who makes hotdogs and hand cream.

As such, my “sartorial wit” is often lost on him.  Here are some recent purchases which he found to be particularly odious/grounds for committal.


Dolce & Gabbana harem pants.



High-waisted thrifted jean cut-offs.


And a belt from San Francisco.

I think every single piece looks amazing. Thanks again Anji! Want to contribute a guest post? Send me a note at

I had to wrestle with my tailor

But finally she agreed to hem this dress to the length I want. It fell below the knee before and it made it look like something you’d wear to the laundromat. Now? Not so much.


My tailor disapproves of anything higher than just above the knee. We go through the same song and dance every. single. time.

Take a look at the sneak peek.


Wore the dress to dinner (happy birthday ma-in-law!) with my ma’s bag, which feels so summery, so vacationy. I just might have to bring it to Turkey with me (on Wednesday!).

Getting ziggy with it

Love the zig-zaggy pattern of this vintage skirt.


Wore it with my new shbooties.


My Wonder Woman cuffs and my ma’s bag from who knows where (or when).


I’ve always thought long skirts work. Especially for work. And when they’re this wacky and wonderful? You can’t go wrong.

Have absolutely no idea

when or where I’m going to wear these, but how on earth could I pass up purple sequined harem pants?


I couldn’t, obviously.


They will be one of those pieces that will sit (and sit) in my closet until one day (Halloween, perhaps?) I find the perfect reason to wear them.

Anyone else suddenly have “U Can’t Touch This” stuck in your head?

Give them the bold shoulder

The power suit was aptly named. Big, bold shoulders mean business.


This jacket reminds me a bit of the one Rachel wore in Blade Runner.


The t-shirt is from Vincent Park on Main Street in Vancouver.


The boots are kind of my favourite ever. Take a look at the detail shots here.


But seriously, while I usually take the shoulder pads out of my dresses and blouses (how can you tell I buy a lot of 80s wear?), I’ve never taken them out of a jacket. They add so much structure. And a certain don’t-mess-with-me-ness.

Style for thought

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe — alive or otherwise, fictional or not — whose would it be? My friend Briony would chose the Queen of England.


For two reasons: one, she figures she’d still have all her clothes from the past eight decades; and two, she wouldn’t mind having the crown jewels.


I’m having trouble picking one person’s. I’d love my sister’s wardrobe, and all my girlfriends’ too. 


Briony made her necklace by stringing antique keys and a pendant on a piece of leather. So simple, so cute.


Her bag is vintage.


Think about it. If you could pick anyone’s wardrobe whose would you chose? Jacqueline Kennedy’s? Jane Aldridge’s? Carine Roitfeld’s?

Baby sister week continues (she hates when I call her that)

When she’s not wearing custom-made dresses and vintage pieces, my sister Larissa is mixing menswear with accessories from everywhere.

men's plaid RL shirt

So comfy, cozy and casual, and so much more interesting than a t-shirt and jeans.


Her hat’s from Bondi Beach, Australia.


She’s wearing a men’s Polo Ralph Lauren shirt.


Her sandals were custom made in Hoi An, Vietnam, where she also had her Indian teal dress and leather boots made.


Leroy’s a fan. Clearly.


Go! Canucks! Go!

They say you shouldn’t mess with success.

vancouver-canucks-old-logo1So for all four rounds (and there will be four rounds) that the Canucks play in the playoffs, I’m going to post an outfit that incorporates my husband’s t-shirt.


This one, with my new favourite shorts (don’t let the acid wash fool you, they’re brand new).


You can find the first outfit here.


Now let me hear you: Go! Canucks! Go!

Typically when we go for a walk

I wear my bright red Queen’s sweatpants from the year 2000 (best gift ever, Laura, Anji and KJ).

walking Leroy

But when we go in the morning, my walk wear is work wear.

broach necklace

The pendant was my mom’s brooch from the sixties, which means it can fasten to tube tops and jumpsuits too. 


The skirt’s vintage — it’s made of really thick felt, but what I love most about it is its wacky and wonderful colour.