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Living room picnic

Someone once said a meal’s only worth making if it’s going to be better than good bread and good cheese.

bread cheese spread

Is there anything better than good bread and good cheese?

bread and cheese

Had some friends over to meet Leroy this afternoon. Served them my favourite living room picnic (while the little beast dined on kibble).

Almost too easy

This was fun so I thought I’d play the random association game with this living room.


Believe it or not, it’s from a house made of dirt and straw. Even though I prefer those made of drywall and hardwood, I do love the coziness of it.


Almost as much as I love this sweater, which would fit beautifully in that scene.

Oh boy, Leroy

What is with those paws?


And so they don’t get jealous of all the attention Leroy’s getting, I’ve included photos of my other two beasts after the jump.

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