You guys are the best

I just wanted to say ThankYouThankYouThankYou. First, the lovely Etrapar created a look for me to wear to the ballet, which I love.


Then the outrageously well travelled Haute World passed along the Divine award, which comes with a tag — to list five guilty pleasures. Only five?


All right:
5. Buying vintage clothes in bulk (you’re not surprised)
4. Watching the Hills and the City (trashy, low-classy heaven)
3. Listening to music from the early ’90s (helllooo C+C Music Factory)
2. Facebook
1. Dance parties (maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty about that one)

I’d like to pass it and the tag to We Were Damsels, Nubia’s Nonsenseshoes from around the globela flore et la fauneOh La La, and The Swelle Life .

The beautiful Nubia of Nubia’s Nonsense passed along this award (thank you!), which I’d like to bestow upon A Beautiful Life, Option EightSenses and Style, Le Mode de JourEtrapar and Vancity Allie.


And La flore et la faune tagged me with the “Over the Top” award, which also comes with a tag — I have to answer these questions with only one word (I’ve cheated — don’t tell La Flore).

Where’s your cell phone: Here
Your hair: Un-blowdried
Your mother: Little (she’s going to kill me!)
Your father: Rad
Favorite Food: Spicy
Dream last night: Interrupted
Favorite drink: Caesars
What room are you: DiningRoom
Hobby: Blogging (could I get any nerdier?)
Fear: less
Where were you last night: WhyDoYouAsk?
Something that you aren’t: Chicken
Muffins: Meh
Wish list item: AllOfTheAbove
Where did you grow up: Vancouver
What are you wearing: Sweatpants
Your pets: Snuggly
Friends: Beautiful
Something you’re not wearing: Shoes
Favorite store: Cross
Favorite color: RubyRed
Last time you laughed: JustNow
Your best friend: MC
Place you go to over and over: DogPark
Person who emails you regularly: Larissa
Favorite place to eat: Zipang

All right, ExtrovertUrbane Bloc, Haus of HybridHaute WorldDream Sequins, and Room 907 — take it away.

Can green be a neutral?

When it’s as subdued as it is in these jeans, I’d say so.


I always wear brown as a neutral. And I tend to layer it. Like here, in the three different shades of my belt, my vest and my cardigan.


Quite the earthy colour palette, isn’t it?


A little less earthy? My shbooties. They’re pure city.


So the only question is: can this pose be any more posey? Ummmm, doubt it.

Pirates and plaid. Now that’s an outfit.

Funny thing is — this isn’t my only pirate shirt. I’m amassing a bit of a collection.


I just have to be careful how many cheap, cheerful gold chains I wear with them. I could be dancing dangerously close to crossing the line between costume and costume jewelry.


Wore my F-Troupe shoes to add a little je ne sais quoi. Which means I’m dancing dangerously close to, um, dancing.

Pump… Pump… Pump it up

Roadtripping around the city in search of a wedding dress (hooray Briony!) means you need to fuel up.


Did I offer to help? Nope. I just sat in the car and took photos of my girlfriends who looked so gosh-darned cute in their matching silhouettes.


Especially since they were both in casual white tops, big belts and puffy skirts.


Aaaaand sandals. Take that, autumn!

“I approve”

says One More Gadget of my shbooties.


If you ever saw me try to work my Blackberry you’d be even more surprised I was featured on the fancy gadgetry site. Bless your heart, OMG, bless your heart.

I can’t quite figure out what it is about this skirt

that makes me wear it with menswear.


Maybe it’s its short, black leather-ness —  it could look mildly scandalous unless paired with a conservative top. You know, something a lumberjack would wear.


The shirt is men’s vintage. So is the watch. It’s my husband’s Omega from the 50s (for months he wouldn’t let me wear it and when he finally did, the first thing I did was break the strap — sorryyyyyy!).mens-shirt-leather-skirt

At least we can figure out what it is about me that makes him hesitant to lend me anything.

I worship iconic brunettes

The Audreys and the Jackies of the world. But iconic blondes have a place in my heart too. Take Debbie Harry for instance, one of the coolest women of all time. Is it ironic that Blondie looks so b-b-b-bad to the bone as a brunette?

blondie-as-a-brunetteI love that dress. So much so that I’m considering having it made. Perhaps in Kelly green.

Photo found here.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

I laughed when I saw that la flore et la faune had the Anthology listed under “Ceux qui devraient dessiner,” which (according to Google Translate) means “Those who should draw.” If there’s one thing I should not do — it’s draw. Je suis terrible.


But La Flore didn’t believe me. In fact, La Flore challenged me to draw an outfit. Et voila. It took me three tries to produce the one on the right. And I didn’t even bother to include arms. Or shins.

hot-hot-heatIt looked much better in real life. With all my chains and my concert t-shirt (I’m one of the people who buys those. Remember the New Kids?).

f-troupe-shoesAnd my F-Troupe shoes. Which I love because they’re just a little boyish.

I suppose, then, it’d be fair to list me under “Ceux qui devraient wear those more often.”