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Style | Three Takes on One Trend

KD on set

But first, menswear! It’s not often I get to talk about it, but it is often I think of it fondly. The styles are so classic (masculine, you might say); the pieces rely heavily on colour and texture; trends shift much more slowly than in womenswear. There’s a timelessness to it all that I appreciate.


Besides, it brings out my best Shopping Channel skills.

Global Set

It’s pure joy as far as I’m concerned. The menswear I featured in my latest trend segment on Global BC is from Boys’Co.

Dress forms

The womenswear? From left to right: Geox (those boots are a pair I desperately want in my closet), H&M (a vibe that has me dreaming of Coachella, which I haven’t been to in years), and Gap (with a bandana from the men’s section, no less).

Watch the clip!

KD and bomber

Thanks for having me, Global BC and Metropolis at Metrotown. Thanks for the photos, Zoe Tisshaw, and thanks for your help, Jerome Insorio!

Style | Spring Trend Report


Spring! It’s almost spring! Which means it’s time to peel yourself out of that rain slicker you’ve been wearing all winter and slip into something a little lighter and brighter.


Like, say, some deluxe denim from Club Monaco with a pair of flats from Aldo (on the left), a dress with lots of lace in unexpected places from BCBGMAXAZRIA (middle) and ’70s statements from Michael Kors (right).


These were three of the biggest trends I featured in my spring trend report on Global BC.


And while this is how I look on air — in a dress with studded sleeves from Picadilly Canada, shoes from Aldo, necklace from Adia Kibur and Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella


…this is what I look like when I’m pulling it together backstage: wearing one of my favourite concert tees (yes, it’s New Kids on the Block and yes, I went to their show as an adult), J.Crew jeans and high tops c/o of Ecco.

Watch the segment here. Thanks for having me, Global BC and Metropolis at Metrotown! Thanks for the photos, Zoe Tisshaw! Thanks for your help, Jerome Insorio!

Style | Wear It Well

Global 9

Knitwear is having a moment. And I whole-heartedly endorse that, especially the luxe head-to-toe knitwear worn by the likes of Gigi Hadid.


So to kick off Wear It Well, a new segment I’m doing with Global Television and Metropolis at Metrotown, I celebrated all things knit.


What if you’re petite? What if you’re full-figured? What’s on trend? Viewers asked and I answered here.

The work look on the left is from LOFT, the Gigi Hadid-inspired look in the middle is from Roots and the long cardigan and jeans (tough to see in the above shot, I know) are from Bench.

Thanks, Hayley, for the photos!

Give | Spreading the Valentine’s Day Love



Sometimes I feel like the only person on the planet who loves Valentine’s Day. And I don’t mean the roses and baby’s breath kind of VDay, I mean the “I Choo Choo Choose You and there’s a picture of a train” kind of Valentine’s Day. It’s so sweet, so cheesy, so full of sugar!


I stopped by CTV Morning Live with a few sappy, sassy, and sexy gifts for the Hallmark Holiday.


I hope you <3 it! Take a look here. Thanks again for having me, CTV!

DIY | Spooktacular Halloween Party Pieces!

Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls! It’s time to put the Ghostbusters theme song on repeat and party like a six-year-old on a Twizzlers high! Or with a six-year-old with a Twizzlers high because these party ideas are fit for youngster Munsters.

I stopped by CTV Morning Live bright and early today to a) finally get to wear my Snow White costume on live television and b) share some of the coolest, ghoulest party ideas for the under six set. Here they are broken down for all you party fiends!

Pin the eye on the monster. All it takes? Some poster board rounded at the corners, a few gills made of tissue paper, and some paper eyes to hand out to the mini contestants.

Bonus? The finished monster is big enough to act as a photo booth backdrop.

Witch pitch! Don’t have a bunch of witch hats on hand? Make ’em! Grab some party hats, paper plates and construction paper. Cut the paper plates to size, glue them to the hats (I used tacky glue, but a glue gun would work just as nicely).

Then paint the heck out of them (I used Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint that I had from another project). Add construction paper buckles et voila!

Now all you need are glow stick bracelets to serve as rings and you’ve got yourself a spooktacular ring toss game.

Mummy juice! These are just plain cute. Or at least they are once they’re mummified. Take a juicebox, remove the straw and then wrap in white tape (I used tensor bandages because the texture is perfect). Bring them to life with googly eyes if you want to get all 3D or a marker if you don’t.

Bloody Shirley Temples! These would be cool as shots at a grownup party too. Fill a small clear glass with 7-Up, Sprite or the like. Then take a syringe filled with grenadine and place it inside. So gross! So good!

Spooky shadow puppets! Turn out the lights, break out the flashlights and put on a terrifying puppet show. I drew the bat, Frankenstein’s monster and ghost by hand, but you can download guides if you’re too, ahem, scared. Cut them out, tape them straws and you’re set!

Dracula doughnuts! Take fangs, stick ’em in doughnuts. So easy I can barely justify calling it a DIY.

Mystery jars! With a little imagination lasagna noodles and olive oil become brains, olives become eyeballs and popcorn kernels become monster fangs.

Party on, goblins! Thanks for having me, CTV Morning Live! Thank you, Larissa and Katie for all your help!

P.S. Watch the segment here.

Diary | Pre-fall Trend Forecast on Global TV


I don’t have a crystal ball. But I do have runway photos. And they can tell me a lot about your future, or at least your closet’s future.

I stopped by Global BC on Friday to talk about some of the biggest trends for summer and pre-fall (my favourite non-season season). My favourites? Long ladylike skirts, short culottes and luxe lace. I see a lot of them in your future.

Thanks for having me, Global Television and Metropolis at Metrotown! And thanks, Jaclyn, for the photo!

Style | Last-minute Gift Ideas

So you’ve still got some shopping to do? Me too. I like to think it’s not a matter of procrastinating, but of being a deadline-driven person.

When I stopped by CTV to share some of my favourite last-minute gift ideas from Park Royal, neither Mike Killeen nor Perry Solkowski believed me when I said I still had a million gifts to get. And that was four days ago. Here I am on Christmas Eve and I still haven’t finished holiday shopping.

If you’re in the same boat (or if you’re looking for something to spend your gift cards on), may I recommend these picks from Anthropologie, Sephora, Lush and J.Crew?

You’ll find all the details in the clip.

Happy shopping and even happier holidays!

Diary | Why didn’t they make clothes like this when I was in school?

Seriously. I wore a light blue sweatshirt with my elementary school’s name across the front. Over a turtleneck. Like every single day. Elementary school kids don’t dress that way any more. They’ve got style.

Case in point: these guys.

I stopped by CTV Morning Live with a busload of stylish students to talk back-to-school fashion. And it was cute overload. See for yourself! You’ll find the clip right here.