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A collaboration with Canadian Tire.

Kelsey Dundon with bike

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a bike. Years, in fact. Almost five of them to be exact.

Bike details

And I’ve missed it.

Because Canadian Tire and I go way back, they sent me a bike (thanks, team!) from their brand new WOW Guide, which you can check out here. Or, if you’re feeling futuristic, check it out on the super techy Canadian Tire app (downloadable at the App Store) and get access to even more products (like, say, my bike) that you can order directly and pick up at your nearest Canadian Tire store.

Kelsey Dundon lean on bike

I wish I could tell you I picked this particular cruiser because it has seven speeds, a clothes-saving fender and blah blah blah bike specs, but the truth is I picked it because I liked it.

bike details 2

The caramel seat, the white tires, the Portlandia-approved bird — they spoke to me. I added a bell, a basket and a helmet (because bike accessories are accessories too).

KD bike ride

Et voila! Turns out it’s just like riding a bike.

[Photos by Hayley Hudson.]

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