Pinstagram | Stripes and Strawberries

The Anthology’s Pinstagram column marries the dream (Pinterest) and the reality (Kelsey Dundon’s Instagram photos of places and faces in and around Vancouver).

Baby wearing

Like Zach. I owe the fact that I’m able to work with a three-month-old baby to that BabyBjorn she loves so much + a variation on the same theme.


Studio space. The beautiful Union Bridal + a workspace I wouldn’t mind calling my own.

Pink accents

Pop of pink. My officemate wears a lot of pink + so does that office chair.

Home and someone elses

Frozen in time. My living room (as photographed by my toddler) + a living space with a similar vibe.


Stripes and strawberries. Chamomile tea and cheddar bunnies are an unusual food pairing, I’ll give you that much + a far less unusual pairing: stripes and bloomers.

P.S. There are more photos where these came from so follow @KelseyDundon on Instagram.

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