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Often I have no idea how I first stumbled across a site. I’ll get lost in an internet vortex and end up somewhere so inspiring that I get drawn in even further and by the time I drag myself away from my screen I have no idea how I ended up there in the first place.


But with the design blog French for Pineapple, I know exactly what drew me to it: the above photo. It landed in my Pinterest feed and I fell in love with it right away. The print is striking, the stools are amazing and the blue walls make me want to paint my living room.


Edited by print and textile designer Bianca Hall, French for Pineapple is filled with art recommendations, photos of her constantly reinvented North London home and DIYs like the fluffy stools I fell in love with in the first place (CB2 has something similar if you’re not super handy with a staple gun).


In other words, it’s filled with some serious inspiration. So bookmark French for Pineapple already and bookmark The Anthology while you’re at it.

[Images from French for Pineapple.]

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