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While everyone and their grandmother is obsessed with Taylor Swift’s squad these days, I set my #squadgoals on a posse of LA-based designers, bloggers, photographers and creative types: Emily Henderson, Joy Cho, Bri Emery and Max Wanger. Their aesthetics are different (their talents are too) but there’s some serious cross-pollination happening in their bright and colourful, sunshine-infused looks. Which makes for some fun collaborations.

love_8x10_1000 2

Is it the Southern Californian weather? Is it the LA creative community? Are they friends in real life? I don’t know.

Bri Emery Dining Room

But I do know that when you follow any one of their Pinterest posts to their blog, chances are there’s some sort of shoutout to one and other. All the sunshine and smiles make me want to add colour — and a bit of gold — to everything.

[Images: Joy Cho’s nursery/office by Emily Henderson, Love print by Max Wanger, Bri Emery’s dining room by Emily Henderson]

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