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When I give trend presentations, one of the audience questions that often comes up is: What to wear to work? It’s hard, I know, to balance personal style with professionalism. And to make things even trickier, some gigs require pantyhose. I’ve always been lucky enough to work in very creative environments so to answer the what-to-wear-in-a-cubicle question, I turned to Breanne of Proper & Pink

Ready to work hard without looking like you tried too hard? Get your pen an pad and get ready to take note.

1) Pencil Skirt
Even your work outfit should speak to your personality, so don’t settle for drab. Sure you can go for pants, but a pencil skirt adds a bit of feminine flair. I love this pencil skirt from H&M because it’s fitted perfectly and it’s affordably priced, so you can focus on getting that paycheque and upgrading to something more expensive later.

2) Blouse
Now that we have the perfect pencil skirt, it’s time to complete our look with a blouse. has a super refreshing tie-neck button-front blouse that comes in several colours (one for everyday of the week perhaps?). The tie gives you a little variety — it can be tied like a bow or worn loose.

3) Blazer
A blazer isn’t essential for your work look, but it is great to have for meetings and more professional settings. Plus, a longer boyfriend blazer is casual enough to wear off duty too.

4) A New Handbag
Your work look wouldn’t be complete without a fancy new handbag. I love this bag from Aldo because it’s professional looking and it’s not too big, which makes it perfect for carrying to work. It has enough pockets and compartments to house everything you need. It’s can be worn with just about any ensemble, on or off the clock.

5) Jewelry
Some workplaces call for jewelry that’s stylish but not overbearing. This bamboo-like bangle from will do the trick nicely.

And just like that, your work will stand out and your outfit will complement it.

Thanks, Breanne!

P.S. For inspiring offices, take a look at The Anthology’s Workspace series.

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