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‘Tis the season for a lot of things — shopping, parties, baking. Lots and lots of baking. ‘Tis a bit of the top. So switch it up with some unbaking. As in raw vegan desserts using recipes from This Rawsome Vegan Life, a beautifully photographed Vancouver-based blog whose desserts use no sugar, eggs, or butter. And they’re good. I promise.

And easy. I swear. At least these lemon coconut squares are — they’re the only one of the desserts I’ve made myself (my sister made me a million others. Thanks, Riss!). I’m sure the healthy meal recipes are delicious too, but that’s not what this season is about, ’tis it?

So bookmark This Rawsome Vegan Life already and bookmark The Anthology while you’re at it.

[Images from This Rawsome Vegan Life, naturally.]

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  • Reply Michelle December 23, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Thank-you for introducing me to This Rawsome Vegan Life. What a beautiful site and amazing looking recipes.

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