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In The Anthology’s Bookmark column we explore some of the most inspiring places on the wild, wild web.

It’s not often a company’s website makes the cut as a Bookmark. Actually I don’t think it’s ever happened before.

But the site belonging to Le Marché St. George, a tiny cafe tucked away in a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, is such a beauty it deserves to be featured.

The photography is dreamy, their products are beautiful, and the events they host — though I’ve never been to one — look like good ol’ unpretentious fun.

The Marché just celebrated its second anniversary (félicitations!). If you’re in Vancouver and you haven’t yet been, it’s well worth the trip to St. George and East 28th Avenue. If you’re not, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on their site.

So bookmark Le Marché St. George already and bookmark The Anthology while you’re at it.

[Images from Le Marché St. George bien sur.]

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  • Reply Liam December 12, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    Matthew I know Al well. I will be visiting him this week I hope. I have spent long hours with Al and I had come over to speak at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2011 we led a piulbc slide show together on Habitat. I am very, very sorry to hear he’s ill. He’s a great guy. Habitat Forum would never, could never have happened without him. (PS you and I were both there at age 12!)

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