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Food photography is hard. Like, really hard. At my former agency I worked with a restaurant client and our photo shoots would last all day and involve a photographer, assistant, chef, writer (that’s me!), model (that was also me once!), intern, art director, at least a couple reps from the client and whoever else wanted to get amongst it. There could easily be a dozen of us hovering around a tiny little hamburger, while the food stylist made sure every glob of sauce was just so.

It takes quite a bit to get a food shot right.

Sydney-based photographer Katie Quinn Davies makes it look easy. Her blog What Katie Ate is filled with delicious photos and simple recipes that you don’t have to be a chef to attempt (confession: I have yet to try one). She shares quite a bit about her creative career and her favourite webby finds, too so it’s the perfect blog for those who like eating and looking at things (and I’m pretty sure that’s every single one of us).

So, my foodie friends, bookmark What Katie Ate. And bookmark The Anthology while you’re at it.

[Images from What Katie Ate, obviously.]

Thanks, Larissa, for sending this in!

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