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What would Audrey carry?

You know, if she were around today…and having breakfast at Tiffany’s with Tiffany leather design directors John Truex and Richard Lambertson, I’m the It Girl’s Anya Georgijevic, Demi Couture’s Victoria Potter, West Coast Style’s Mana Mansour et al.

Would it be this Tiffany blue leather handbag? Perhaps. “We wanted it to complement Tiffany jewelry with the spherical shapes and silver beads, but have each piece stand on its own next to Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes,” says Truex.

“We’re not borrowing from the jewelry, but being inspired by it. That’s why we’ve got the Tiffany blue accents. The more closely you look at each piece, the more you discover.”

You know what I discovered? I love this bag. It’s fit for a modern day Holly Golightly. Or at least someone who’s had breakfast at Tiffany’s.

P.S. Holly Golightly would totally follow The Anthology on Twitter.

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