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Afters are the best

And now that spring’s (finally) here a sun dress “after” shot seems about right.

vintage sun dress

Took me a while to figure out if I’d chop this bad boy or not (why did I ever hesitate?).

gold necklaces

Even when it was longer, it screamed “music festival” to me. Now, I think it’d be pretty perfect for my trip to Turkey too.

Outrageous or not outrageous?

Either way I love the ruffles. Found this bad boy at the vintage mall in Seattle.


Will be getting it altered (so technically this is a “before” shot) but I think I’ll leave the sleeves exactly as they are.


Take a look at the other dress I found that day here.

I can’t decide

if this is a “before” shot or not. I found this dress at the Vintage Mall in Seattle and I may very well end up leaving it exactly as it is.


If I do end up going to Sasquatch at the Gorge this summer (and I really hope I do), this dress will be coming with me.

Take a look at other “befores” and my favourite “after” here.

The perfect Seattle day

For me, that means raiding the Vintage Mall in Fremont (more on that later), getting cardamon ice cream at Molly Moon’s in Wallingford (I’m not even an ice cream gal  — it’s just that good).

photo from Yelp

photo from Yelp

And eating dinner at How to Cook a Wolf on Queen Anne Hill (seriously — since when is spaghetti the best dish in the world?).

Photo from Komo News

Photo from Komo News