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Wear/Where | Dark Florals

Floral kimono and wallpaper

Florals? For fall? Groundbreaking. (No, really.) When they’re deep and dark and as moody as these are, they’re awesome in autumn.

Wear: A flowy kimono with your favourite mom jeans (as seen here).

Where: A bit of wow for your walls by Ellie Cashman.

Wear/Where | Jungle Print

It’s a jungle in your closet. And on your wall. Or at least it should be. Lions, tigers and leopards (oh my!) look grrrrrrrreat in abstract prints and muted shades. Meow.

Wear: Balmain lion-print top.

Where: A mural that would look just as fierce in your office as it would in a nursery.

Wear/Where | High Style and High Tea

Dressing up is the name of the game right now. Then again, there’s something to be said for staying home and curling up with a fresh pot of tea. Maybe you should do both — have a piping hot cuppa while dripping with your finest costume jewels. Why not?

Wear: Chandelier earrings available only at the Vancouver-based online boutique Shut Up I Love This.

Where: Handmade Danish-style teapot from Paper and Clay on Etsy.

Wear/Where | Summer Pastels

I’m not one of those people who changes up my decor based on the season. I’m one of those people who’s just constantly changing up my decor. But if I were the type of person to follow calendecor (is that a thing?) then this pastel print would seem about right for summer. And this necklace in surprisingly similar hues would seem about right for weddings and patio brunches and all those things you do during the summer when you’re not at your seasonally decorated home.

Where: Pastel triangle print by The Minimalist
Wear: Anthropologie’s Berry Drop necklace

Wear/Where | Two brights and a bold

I’ve always been a sucker for pink and red (I had a lot of Valentine’s Day-themed birthday parties as a kid). Now, pink and orange have a place in my heart too. Add a deep indigo et voila: a colour trio that would look just as b-b-b-bad to the bone on your walls as it would on your neck.

Where: Removable wallpaper in Red/Blue from Chasing Paper
Wear: J.Crew’s Fan Fringe Necklace