Tune In | Timmy’s Telethon!

I’ve been working a lot with Easter Seals this year — at woman2warrior and, as evidenced by the picture above, at their terrifyingly terrifying Drop Zone.

It’s a nausea-inducing rappel down the side of an office building in downtown Vancouver.

Which, if you actually look over the edge, has a beautiful view of the water, mountains and tiny little people 20 storeys below.

I was scared. So scared.

But I did it!

And tomorrow night I’ll be supporting Easter Seals at Timmy’s Telethon, co-hosting the social desk for my third year in a row with the lovely Bianca Solterbeck (Sunday, December 7th from 6:00-8:00). Tweet at us @TimmysTelethon or holler at us on Facebook and we’ll share your stories on the air!

P.S. I’ll also be sharing behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram so follow @KelseyDundon.

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