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Summer summer summertime

There is nothing — absolutely nothing — that reminds me of summertime as a child quite like freezies do. Fighting over the red ones, trying desperately to suck all the colour right out of the ice, cutting the corners of your mouth on the plastic edges. That’s summer to me.


This gorgeous photo was taken by Graeme, an art director I work with (you can find more of his photos on Flickr under Grrambo — a nickname I take full credit for). He took this photo of freezies in his backyard. “And then I ate them all,” he says.

Speaking of happy things, I’ve compiled my own happy list which you can find at the beeeautiful .v.

Playing tourist in my pretty city

I’ve heard many Vancouverites say they love coming home after traveling because this little city is so pretty. Though I prefer Departures to Arrivals, I do see the appeal.


Of all the tourist destinations in Vancouver, Granville Island has to be my favourite. I practically grew up there — taking dance lessons, playing in the water park, and more recently: eating.


The other day we went to Go Fish, a tiny little Fish and Chips shack that’s so out of the way, my Ma has never even managed to find it (it’s on the False Creek seawall across from Granville Island).


While I took photos like an out-of-towner, a very nice man gave my husband advice on what to order (the cod).


It’s the perfect spot to dangle your feet over the edge of the seawall with a basket of fresh fish and chips in your lap. Like you’re on vacation.

Nothing’s quicker, easier or delicious-er

than a caprese salad.


If you use baby bocconcini, whole leaves of fresh basil and cherry tomatoes, you don’t have to chop a thing. My sister’s served it shish kabob-style on a toothpick but I didn’t have any so I opted for a shot glass — something I do have plenty of.


If you drizzle it in balsamic reduction, it’s probably the best, most summery salad in the world — I’ve included a recipe after the jump.

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A cocktail would taste so much better

If it came from a one-of-a-kind custom-made bar. Especially if that bar were the first piece commissioned from François-Xavier Lalanne by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

bar yves saint laurent

It’s equal parts sculptural and functional. And would look lovely in my living room. The oval piece is a bottle rack, the horn in the middle is a shaker, the sphere beside it is an ice bucket and the cylinder is a vase.

From the Collection Yves Saint Laurent et Pierre Bergé at Christie’s (if you visit the site, please note the price realized). Thank you, Kyle.

Living room picnic

Someone once said a meal’s only worth making if it’s going to be better than good bread and good cheese.

bread cheese spread

Is there anything better than good bread and good cheese?

bread and cheese

Had some friends over to meet Leroy this afternoon. Served them my favourite living room picnic (while the little beast dined on kibble).

The perfect Seattle day

For me, that means raiding the Vintage Mall in Fremont (more on that later), getting cardamon ice cream at Molly Moon’s in Wallingford (I’m not even an ice cream gal  — it’s just that good).

photo from Yelp

photo from Yelp

And eating dinner at How to Cook a Wolf on Queen Anne Hill (seriously — since when is spaghetti the best dish in the world?).

Photo from Komo News

Photo from Komo News