What Is An Acceptable Behaviour Agreement

Antisocial behavioral orders (ASBOs) are not appropriate in all cases of antisocial behavior. Sometimes anyone can agree on a solution without going to court with a contract of acceptable behavior (sometimes called an abc contract). This often happens when children and teens are involved, but it`s an option for everyone. In such cases, a contract of acceptable conduct may be established. An ABA gives a person the opportunity to discover the impact of their behavior on the lives of others. It also sensitizes this person to the impact on themselves and their family. It could even involve losing their home if their antisocial behavior continues. They are made aware of their impact on the lives of others and warned of the possible consequences for them and their families if their antisocial behaviour persists. Our first priority is to stop bad behavior.

During the ABC interview, we may be able to offer distraction projects, for example through local youth clubs, mentoring or counselling. We want to discourage young people from causing problems and bring them to a better way of life. Although ABCs are not legally binding [this has not yet been tested in court], violation of an ABC is often used as evidence to support an application for an antisocial behavior order whose violation is a criminal offense. In the agreements, children are not only asked to sign that they will not carry out the identified behaviours, but also that they recognise that a breach can lead to an ASBO application and that they may be liable to imprisonment for up to 5 years and/or a fine of up to £2,000 if they breach the ASBO. ABCs are sometimes used instead of antisocial behavioral instructions. They can also be used to try to solve the problem before it becomes so serious that an antisocial behavioral order is needed. If you have other problems that contribute to your antisocial behavior (for example. B, problems at home, problems at school or work, pressure from your friends, bullying), you can talk about it when negotiating an ABC. You should have the opportunity to explain why you behaved in a certain way, and you should offer yourself support to solve your other problems. The process for an ABC will first be a letter sent to parents in the case of a minor, identifying the existence of a behavior, but not what exactly it consisted of, linking the person to the behavior, and then “inviting” the person and parent to a meeting where an ABC is discussed.

Non-participation, it is often warned, can lead to penalties, the most common being the loss of municipal or social housing rentals by the person or parents. .

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