Service Level Agreement For Bookkeeping

For the first time you`re taking on an accounting client, check your service offering and every step related to the supply. What do you do, what does your client do and who will make sure it happens? If you offer something special or different, you can use this SLA to sketch out the differences and reflect them in your final pricing. If you hire and hire a new internal accountant, you may set up some training and sketch out their professional tasks. But if they don`t get it, missing deadlines, wasting time or calling sick too often puts you in a bad position. You can fire them, then you`re back in first place and you waste time and money finding, hiring and training a new accountant. Hiring and onboarding new employees isn`t just a stressful and tedious process, but in the meantime, your books are becoming increasingly obsolete. You may not have lender and deposit accounting. You could lose money or even hurt the creditworthiness of your business. If, in the meantime, you have another employee to manage your books, how do you know that the accounting is correct? · Clear and clear pricing structures. The best outsourced accounting services offer additional benefits, such as the ability to use the services of a controller.

This of course involves additional costs. But it`s not the extra money you should take care of – there`s the certainty that you need to be notified in advance before breaking down additional services and giving your explicit consent. .

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