Shareholders Agreement Aandeelhoudersovereenkomst

In the shareholders` agreement, for example, agreements can be reached on the following topics: As a general rule, a shareholder contract is entered into when several parties are considering starting or operating a joint venture or when an investor enters an existing business. In this case, the parties to the shareholders` pact often agree on the following underwork: Penrose is a law firm specializing in shareholder agreements. We advise and assist contractors, directors and shareholders in the development of shareholder contracts, equity and joint venture agreements. Below we describe a number of specific issues about the shareholders we are associated with on a daily basis. Therefore, the supervisory board is not included in this shareholders` pact. Would you rather set up this organ? Please contact us. This shareholders` pact is a shareholder pact if it is concluded A shareholders` pact is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Does your Dutch limited liability company (BV) have several shareholders? You need a shareholder contract. In this document, you secure reciprocal agreements between shareholders. What if there is a dispute between the shareholders? What if someone has a chronic illness? What about a shareholder`s competitiveness? What if a shareholder wanted to sell his shares to third parties? Laws or statutes often do not help you in such situations, as the legal provisions are very limited in this regard. To avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings, it is obvious to sign a shareholder contract. In a shareholders` pact, there are in practice commonly used concepts (mainly English) that can create confusion or ambiguity at first.

We will detail some of these concepts below: In addition, this shareholder pact assumes that all shareholders receive “normal” shares, your BV has several shareholders? You will need an English shareholder contract.

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