Agreement Between Eff And Clicks

The only point on which the parties could not agree was the publication by Unilever of the names of all the collaborators involved in the creation of the images. However, the company will comply with internal disciplinary procedures to hold these employees to account. The Clicks Group and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) reached an agreement after a meeting between the retailer`s CEO and the party leadership. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the British consumer goods group Unilever have agreed on the images used in an online clicks advertisement denigrating the hair of black women. The parties had already agreed on Thursday. Many social media users welcomed the outcome of today`s meeting between Unilever, retailer Clicks and THE FER, with the hashtag #ThankYouEFF on Twitter being fashionable. The FEP and Unilever agreed on the images of the inseparable. It was one of the results of a meeting between the FER and Unilever on Thursday, after posting a hair care ad on social media sites Clicks last week drew the ire of local residents. JOHANNESBURG – Tensions between the FER and Unilever could be over. The parties met on Thursday morning over outrage over the image and protest by RSF members, where all clicks closed on Wednesday. . Clicks and the FER have turned into a solution to the incessant protests surrounding the publication of racist advertising. Photo: EF “Last week, the nation saw the leaders of the FEP and some of its quasi-revolutionary supporters commit a violent murderous madness in the name of justice,” she said.

The ad posted on the online clicks platform for TRESemmé shampoo put black women`s hair as “frizzy and blunt” or “dry and damaged,” while white women were “thin and flat” or “normal.” “Clicks will remove all TRESemmé SA products from all stores and replace them with locally made products. In a joint statement with Clicks last night eff spokesman Vuyani Pambo, said that both Clicks and TRESemmé agreed that the ad was offensive and racist. Durban – Multinational consumer goods company Unilever is expected to donate at least 10,000 sanitary and sanitary cushions to informal facilities identified by freedom fighters. Pick`n Pay said, “Given the recent concern about the language TRESemmé used to promote its product line, we have decided to remove products from our shelves while working with the supplier.” The FER lived a decade in just four days. #ThankYouEFF Clicks and Unilever were attacked following the high-hit advertisement on the health and beauty vendor`s website. He added that the FER and Unilever have now ensured that the matter was calm. READ: Dis-Chem, Makro, Game delist TRESemmé amid the racist anti-reaction, Clicks have also agreed to give 50,000 sanitary pods and 50,000 other sanitary pods. In addition, scholarships will be awarded to five students who are studying for a pharmaceutical qualification. Last week was marred by nasty scenes of vandalism and intimidation at various click shops, with two stores being bombed with gasoline on Monday, September 7. Following the arrest on Wednesday of an EFF MP and nine other MPs, the Democratic Alliance (DA) called for further arrests, including of Malema herself. “The appearance of this denunciation is a blatant racism demonstrated by this case, and we must condemn it collectively. The demonstration of such blatant contempt and humiliation for the African people cannot remain unrelenting,” said Cele.

While Clicks will replace TRESemmé no longer in stock but with local brands, the parties have agreed that TRESemmé will remove all its products from all retail stores for a period of 10 days in order to repent. . On Tuesday, the FER said its protest against Clicks would continue until Friday, although the Johannesburg High Court discouraged party supporters from intimidating employees and customers.

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